The Pays d'Épernay with the Routard

The Pays d'Épernay: a region famous worldwide for its famous champagnes, but which deserves to be visited for other equally remarkable treasures. Beautiful villages, exceptional heritage, walks in the forest, bike rides along the Marne ... A destination of choice, to be discovered now with the new Routard entirely dedicated to the Pays d'Épernay, Terres de Champagne.

The Pays d'Épernay: champagne, and much more….

Gateway to the Marne to the east of the Paris basin, the Pays d'Épernay is located in the heart of the famous Champagne vineyard, comprising the south of the Montagne de Reims, the Marne valley and the Côte des Blancs. A prestigious region which makes France shine around the world. In addition to this wine universe, the territory also offers to the southwest a landscape of bocage and Swamp and opens further east towards the great cereal plains of central Champagne.

How about starting your discovery by strolling along avenue de Champagne ? Formerly called "Faubourg de la Folie", this rectilinear road through the town ofEpernay is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Lined with large champagne houses and mansions, this ensemble punctuated by high massive and ornate gates is worth the detour. It is also the opportunity to stop in one of the city's prestigious cellars to enjoy and taste a flute of champagne.

Continue on Ay for a fascinating guided tour of the Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi. You will discover the manufacturing process and we will reveal all the secrets of the craft of the vine. History buffs, for their part, will under no circumstances miss the Dormans Memorial, one of the four national monuments dedicated to the Great War.

It will also take the time to survey Hautvillers, one of the most beautiful villages of the Pays d'Épernay where the memory of the monk Dom Pérignon hangs. At the heart of this town, stands the famous Benedictine abbey, now owned by the Moët & Chandon house.

Equally delicious atmosphere at Verzenay. A village nestled in one of the folds of the mountain of Reims, dominated by Mont Bœuf and Mont Rizan, where an inevitable… lighthouse points. Climb it (101 steps - 25 meters high), the view is worth the climb!

For lovers of outdoor activities, the Marne Valley cycle route allows you to walk along the river along the towpath. As for hiking enthusiasts, they will put on good walking shoes and then set off to meet the famous verzy fake arousing the curiosity of young and old alike. A path crosses the Biological Reserve which shelters them and allows walkers to admire these twisted beeches, unique in the world.

And if you decide to extend your stay, don't miss the pretty Romanesque church of Pourcy, the flowered village of Chamery, the picturesque place of Trepail, the garden which surrounds the gigantic statue of Pope Urban II in Chatillon-sur-Marne… So many sites that make up all the beauty and diversity of the Pays d'Épernay.

New! A Backpacker dedicated to the Pays d'Épernay, Terres de Champagne

In this guide you will find the sites with the right addresses, the good practical and cultural plans to explore the essential information for a successful stay and maps with the addresses positioned ...

6 favorites in the Pays d'Épernay

- Cycling along the Marne Valley cycle route. Very nice walk between Condé-sur-Marne and Dormans (45 km long, but you can split it) along the river. Several picnic stops are planned if you feel like a break.

- Treat yourself to a panorama over the vineyard. There are plenty of opportunities: from the forecourt of the Saint-Martin church in Mutigny, the garden surrounding the gigantic statue of Pope Urbain II in Châtillon-sur-Marne, the Saint-Lié chapel in Ville-Dommange, the heights of Cramant or Avize ...

- Embark on a boat trip on the Marne. As a group, aboard a replica paddle steamer from Cumières or a picturesque small motor boat from 1927 from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. Or for those who want to play the lonely old (river!) Wolves, aboard a small electric boat for hire in Épernay.

- Relax for a few moments at the edge of a beach Fleury-la-Riviere, charming village in the Marne valley. Even if this beach is a few meters underground and there has been no sea here for 45 million years! Whatever: the guided tour of the Shell Cellar, both a fossil museum, a paleontological excavation site and a champagne cellar, is simply fascinating.

- In Œuilly, return to the benches of the school of the Champagne Ecomuseum, which reconstructed a good old classroom from the beginning of the 1850th century. You will also discover a very traditional winegrower's house and an XNUMX still.

- Marshes are often secret worlds, where flora and fauna are scarce. The marshes of Saint-Gond are no exception to the rule. But here, several pleasant trails - including that of the Marais de Rués nature reserve - allow you to unravel some of these secrets ...

Find all the good tips and addresses in the Pays d'Epernay Terres de Champagne Routard, 112 pages. Price: € 4,90

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