The Oktoberfest in Schiltigheim

On the opposite side, Schiltigheim is a peaceful little town of 30 inhabitants, with its old village and small Alsatian half-timbered houses, churches and drugstore or even summer gardens. On the tails, it is “the city of brewers” ​​where a typical Alsatian popular festival attracts some 000 curious and regulars every summer: the beer festival. From August 15 to 000, 3, things will foam up in Schiltigheim!

The city of brewers

A small town in the Strasbourg metropolitan area, Schiltigheim is not nicknamed “the city of beer” or “the city of brewers” ​​for nothing. Alsace represents 60% of national brewing production, and this small town, the epicenter of the region, brings together three of the country's largest breweries: Heineken, Fischer and Schutzenberger. The Fischer brewery, formerly Brasserie du Pêcheur, covers nearly 40 m000, a veritable industrial monument topped with two bellows fireplaces. It is the last brewery to house an integrated malt house still in operation. As for Schutzenberger, it is the doyenne of Alsatian breweries, at the origin of the beer in cans and the beer without alcohol. Finally, Heineken, formerly called Brasserie de l'Esperance, has for its brewery an austere cathedral dating from 2. The installation of breweries in Schiltigheim, at the end of the 1932th century, was at the origin of the industrial and economic development of the city.

The Biérodrome: star of the party

No wonder that, every summer, the inhabitants of Schiltigheim, the “Schillikois”, raise their mugs to the health of their brewing heritage with the famous local beer festival. At the heart of the party: the Biérodrome, an 18 m long bar equipped with 21 shooters. You cannot miss it, it is around it that all the festivities revolve, but also and especially the beer lovers who have come for the occasion!
One thing is certain: the beer will flow. Blonde, brunette, traditional, special or alcohol-free, there will be something for everyone. The Heineken and Fischer breweries, partners of the festival, even concocted a special “beer festival 2006” brew, which cannot be tasted anywhere else.
Remember, however, that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health… and for the waistline. Beware of small paunchy bellies and abuse of small local dishes that will be offered as a side dish: sausages in beer, salad of cervelas and gruyère, tarte flambée or pâté en croûte ...
Some will still be able to work out on the dance floor to feel lighter. Every evening, a different musical atmosphere will allow fans to sway to frenzied rhythms of rock or disco. The traditional Bavarian evening, for its part, will be an opportunity to sing at the top of your lungs and toast all the time. And once in the mood, it will be difficult for you to resist the urge to participate in the various games organized by the partners of the event, such as the beer shooters contest.

But good things come to an end, and at 1 a.m. it will be time to go. Headache or heartache, the departure may be difficult. The organizers have planned everything: the association "Nez Rouge" is responsible for accompanying the most turbulent.

Messti and Johrmärik

If you manage to keep your distance from the Biérodrome, you can take advantage of the various street activities organized during these three days. To please the children, take a tour of the Messti, a local funfair that offers traditional attractions such as bumper cars, mess-up or wooden horses and which will delight the little ones. Right next door, you can enjoy a "farm" with rabbits, pigeons, poultry ... And then, why not go for a stroll along the stands of Johrmärik, flea market and clearance sale of local traders?

Specific information

Information from OSCAL (Office for sports, culture, arts and leisure), tel. : 03-88-62-57-24. Internet:

Where to sleep ?
Au Merlenchanteur: 10, main square, Schiltigheim. Phone. : 03-88-33-08-94. Count 65 € per night with breakfast. Internet:

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