The most beautiful pictures of the couple #FollowMeTo

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Couple's hashtag celebrates travel and backside beauty

Go from travel photographer to famous photographer

It is well known but not easy to achieve. To be successful on Instagram, you have to have an idea. Russian photographer Murad Ossman got it right. Following his companion, always with the hand of his lovely wife who invites you to travel, the photographer stylizes the place in each of the destinations they travel across the planet.

It was the concept of this pose that came back to each shot that made the buzz. A world tour started in 2011 with a photo of Natalia Osmann heading towards the Taj Mahal, accompanied by the hashtag #FollowMeTo (“Follow me”) leaves you speechless. The demands of the place are matched only by the back of his wife, who has (almost) never shown her face. The Internet user then lets himself go to all the interpretations ...

Buzz and honeymoon

With more than 3,2 million followers on Instagram in “only” 245 publications, Murad Ossman is the very embodiment that quality takes precedence over quantity on the social network dedicated to iconography. Faced with such success on the Web, it was obvious that the Russian couple was not going to stop there. A portfolio compiling their escapades will be marketed shortly.

In view of the global buzz aroused in recent days, after the posts of their honeymoon between the American West (Las Vegas) and the wonders of the Indian Ocean (Maldives Islands), it's a safe bet that a new success will follow one of the most followed photographers. In the meantime, all that remains is to admire the most beautiful photos of this extraordinary couple.

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