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Surrounded by the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east, the landscapes of Denmark are mainly maritime and flat. Here, no mountains, the landscape is punctuated by a green countryside, a few forests, historic villages with colorful houses and above all by beaches and fishing ports which mark the maritime borders. Discover in pictures the most beautiful landscapes of Denmark!

The chalk cliffs on the island of Møn

Located in the south-east of Denmark, the island of Møn is known for its incredible cliffs composed of shell limestone. 128 meters high, they date back tens of millions of years. This is the opportunity to go fossil hunting in this surprising Danish landscape!

The cliffs of Mon

The Nyhavn pictorial canal in Copenhagen

The Nyhavn Canal in the Danish capital is the unmissable landscape of Denmark! The red, green, blue, purple and even orange facades of the houses make it a postcard image of the whole country. And of course, the café terraces and the old afloat rigs do not detract from its charm!

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Grenen, the meeting of two seas

At the northern tip of the country, you will realize the full extent of the wild side of Denmark's landscapes. In Grenen, two maritime areas meet: Skagerrak and Kattegat. This type of collision is a spectacular natural phenomenon to observe.


The fairy-tale alleys

In Odense, the alleys literally come out of fairy tales as they inspired storyteller Hans Christian Andersen for his own stories. The colorful wooden houses that you will find everywhere in the landscapes of Denmark invite you to stroll in an enchanting atmosphere.


Rold Forest, the second largest in the country

Keep an eye out for the trolls that you will undoubtedly be able to cross within this magical landscape. The alignment of pines as well as the twisted and knot-filled beeches of the Rold Forest are indeed a beautiful playground for these Scandinavian creatures… but also for hikers!

Rold Forest

The omnipresence of boats

In a country so marked by maritime life, it is obvious to find boats almost everywhere you go, even in the city, such as along the canals of Copenhagen. Here at Lønstrup, these boats are destined for the artisanal fishing that traditional fishermen defend.

Fishing boats at Lonstrup

The gentle and picturesque island of Bornholm

Bornholm Island, Danish paradise a few kilometers from the Swedish coast, offers steep coastal landscapes as well as small towns where it is good to stay. In the north of the island you must not miss the ruins of Hammerhus castle on the hill of Allinge.

Hammershus Castle

The charming windmills

Across the country, windmills dot the landscapes of Denmark. Several dozen of them were in fact built between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries in order, of course, to harness the energy produced by the wind. Today, wind turbines have supplanted them and cover almost half of Danish electricity consumption!

A danish mill

The natural beauty of the Limfjord

A shallow arm of the sea that cuts the northern part of Denmark from east to west, the Limfjord has a idyllic natural landscape. You will discover unspoiled nature with small bays, long sandy beaches, rolling fields and medieval sites such as Spøttrup castle which dates from the XNUMXth century.


The dunes and the glory of Rubjerg Knude

Each year the sea nibbles a little more this remarkable landscape of Denmark. Climb to the top of the lighthouse to appreciate the sandy panorama of this environment struggling with the wind. And if you are a fan of the sand dunes, take the road 60 kilometers north, towards Råbjerg Mile.

Rubjerg Knude

The rugged landscapes of the Faroe Islands

Because they are of volcanic origin, the landscapes of the Faroe Islands are particularly troubled. Dizzying cliffs, sumptuous lakes, steep rocks and marvelous waterfalls make the image of this archipelago of the Kingdom of Denmark. The cut of the coast is such that no place is more than 5 kilometers from the sea. Energizing!

The Faroe Islands

From its medieval remains to its wild beaches, including its small fishing ports, Denmark is a fantastic land of escape. This country invites to photography, cycling, hiking or exhilarating sea trips. The landscapes of Denmark are definitely rejuvenating! If the breath of the sea spray and the colorful wooden houses appeal to you, discover the 9 landscapes of Iceland that you must see absolutely!

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