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How to get to Mljet?

Arriving from the mainland (either from Dubrovnik or from Split ), you can travel by vehicle (very pleasant motorbike roads in particular) to the peninsula of Peljesac . There are then two ferry connections to reach Mljet from Peljesac: Prapratno – Sobra and Trstenik – Pomena. Some Ferries can load up to sixty vehicles, inquire (see “Practical information”) in advance.

Here too, as on many coastal islands, the Benedictine monks raised a monastery. This one was erected in the twelfth century. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of the island (the most wooded on the Croatian coast), the monastery rests almost with its feet in the water, the temerity of its construction leaning on the solid rocky beach bordering the shore of the islet in the center of the lake on which the daring religious building is perched.

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The abundance of trees on Mljet as well as the richness of its fauna have also earned the island the classification of Croatian National Par. The Aleppo Pines Natural Park is a real makeover and the wonderful walks it offers are a real treat. Especially when finished with a dip in the delicious water of the lake.

The diversity of scents embroidering the pure and invigorating air will do great good for young and old alike. Pine sap, herbs with powerful aromas (lavender, rosemary) cannot leave you indifferent and their sweet alchemy is reminiscent of the fragrances of our sweet French moors.


If the water of the Adriatic is a little colder than that of the lake (about five degrees difference), it is more entertaining to jump from the top of steep rocks (be careful not to hit the bottom! ) then go up on the rocky beaches by the small metal stairs encrusted in the rock. Sunbathing under the rays of the setting sun will be enough to dry you off before leaving Mljet and departing for the fantastic island of Korcula.

You can consult the Korcula website (see “Practical information”) to find the details of the boat timetables.

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