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Mexican cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the world. When traveling to this destination, you should never forget to take trips to discover and taste the local specialties. Culinary art, local products, chef's specialties; you will discover the best restaurants in Mexico which will allow you to learn more about the country but also about its culture.

San Miguel de Allende and its fine restaurants

If you pass around this place, it is imperative to consider the best restaurants that have made the happiness of many tourists. Flavor, local gastronomy, culinary specialty, unique taste; San Miguel de Allende knows how to flavor and brighten the stays of tourists through its delicious dishes.
• For seafood or fish fanatics, “ The stop »(Restaurant website) is there to offer you dishes that result from the inspiration of chefs who also come straight from local products.

• And if you want to taste the local specialties, Mario's Fresh Seafood (Facebook page) or The pegasus (facebook) are there to satisfy you by putting on the menu the meals that foreigners must enjoy during an excursion to Mexico.

Yucatan and its varied tastes

Yucatan is not known only for its cenotes (these abysses filled with water) or for its cultural and historical heritage through the wealth inherited from the Mayan civilization. For your breakfasts, your lunches or your romantic dinners, between relatives or for professional reasons; the best restaurants will make your mouth water with their menu.

<br>• Taqueria Honorio (TripAdvisor file), for example, puts on the menu the culinary specialties that distinguish and specify the community. For a taste of a homemade tacos, this establishment will provide you with aromas and flavors inspired by Mexican culture.

• The Kitchen table (restaurant site), decorated with refreshing and attractive colors, also offers multiple choices of dishes, whether foreign or local. With a friendly and warm atmosphere, a beautiful atmosphere, a wonderful welcome; this restaurant is one of the favorites of holidaymakers.

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Monterrey and its traditional and modern dishes

• On your list, you should take a little tour of the restaurant Pangea in Monterrey (TripAdvisor listing) which offers delicious dishes whether inspired by foreign or local cuisine. And if you are vegetarian, a special menu will be made available to you because this establishment tries to consider the needs of the customers but also aims to satisfy them through its offers.

• And for your breakfasts, if you are homesick, Crepe de Paris (restaurant site) is there to satisfy you with pastry, pastries and other products that will transport you to the flavors of our beautiful France.

Bon appétit! Enjoy your meal !

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