The Aitone Forest and the Vergio Pass

Between the village of Evisa and the Vergio Pass, the forest of Aitone offers a haven of freshness in the shade of its perfectly straight laricio pines. It extends between 800 and 2000 meters above sea level.

It can be reached by a hiking trail in the chestnut groves from Evisa (ideal if you have children, with its educational panels describing the local flora), or by car via a mountain road.

If you choose this last option, you will have to stop often, because the wild pigs and the goats in freedom take a siesta there, like any self-respecting Corsican!

In the forest, many natural pools and the Aïtone waterfalls will tempt the bravest. The water rarely exceeds 11 degrees in summer!

The Vergio pass, which culminates at 1427 meters, is a ski resort in winter.

At the beginning of spring, with your feet in the snow, you can see the sea on the horizon.

Here, no shade, just rocks scattered on the ground.

The ascent can be a bit difficult, and towards the end is almost rock climbing, but it's short (less than an hour) and well worth the effort!

Once at the top of the pass, the mountains stretch out as far as the eye can see in front of you.

On the horizon, they flow into the sparkling Mediterranean. The show is truly breathtaking.

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