The 12 most beautiful landscapes of Latvia in pictures

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A stay in Latvia necessarily passes through the essential capital Riga. Corn the whole country is full of superb landscapes. Summer or winter, in the hinterland or by the sea, fabulous places are available to attentive visitors. Come and capture with us the soul of the country through the most beautiful landscapes of Latvia!

A sunset over the Daugava in Riga

Riga and its architecture constitute a real museum. When night comes, nothing better than a walk along the peaceful Daugava, the river that runs through the city. Photographers will not miss the blue hour to watch the sunset. The city is then adorned with soft lights. It really is one of the best places to spend an end of the day!

Sunset over Riga

Gauja National Park

The country's longest river, the Gauja, gave its name to the country's oldest and largest national park. It is one of the wildest places in the country suitable for hiking and canoeing. In short, this is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Latvia!

Gauja National Park

Jurmala and its white sand beaches

Jurmala is a seaside resort in the Gulf of Riga, nicknamed the “Saint-Tropez” of Latvia. Very frequented at weekends by the inhabitants of Riga, it is a place of relaxation known for its long white sand beaches.

Jurmala beach

Kemeri National Park and its peatlands

Peatlands occupy a large part of the territory of Kemeri National Park. A wooden path allows you to discover this place as wild as it is unusual. The site is perfect for photographing the many species of birds that nest in the park.

Arch of the Parc national de

Turaida Castle

Turaida Castle in Gauja National Park stands proudly in the heart of the forest. This is the perfect place to admire the pretty golden colors of autumn from the top of the tower.

Turaida Castle

The Latvian countryside

The Latvian countryside is marked by grain fields that color the landscape.

Grain fields in Latvia

The hinterland in winter

Winter in Latvia is cold. The landscapes are covered with a pretty white coat from November and the hinterland then takes on a romantic and peaceful air.

Latvia in winter

Ice sculptures in Jelgava

Attend the Jelgava ice sculpture festival, south of Riga, is an unusual event during a stay in Latvia.

Jelgava Ice Festival

A sunset over the Baltic Sea

What could be more romantic than a sunset on the beach? This is the experience that the Baltic Sea offers to all lovers.

Sunset over the Baltic Sea

Bauska Castle

Bauska Castle is a charming palace on the banks of the river in a pretty green setting. It houses a rich collection of medieval objects. Climbing to the top of the tower, the panorama stretches for several kilometers around. You quickly understand why the place constitutes a strategic defensive place!

Bauska Castle

The nature reserve of Lake Liepaja

The fifth largest lake in the country, this protected nature reserve is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Latvia. It is also a superb spot for observing swan and duck colonies.. In the surrounding meadows, it is not uncommon to come across horses and wild cows.

The observation tower at Lake Liepaja

Traditional architecture

The Latvian population density is low. Moreover, Riga represents about a third of the country's population. Villages and hamlets dot the territory to the delight of lovers of bucolic landscapes.

Houses in Latvia

After this walk through the most beautiful landscapes of Latvia, do you want to know more about the country? To help you organize your stay, take a look at our tips!

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