The 10 most expensive cruises in the world

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Great luxury, dream boats and unforgettable trips

If you are looking for the most expensive cruises in the world, here is a small rundown of the ones you should try to taste the must of cruising excellence. Be careful, you will take luxury in your eyes!

1. Two weeks in Western Europe

The yacht “La Grand signature” and its very luxurious 107m² suite offers a panoramic view of the ocean. The Seabourn company ship calls in the largest ports in Western Europe (Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, etc.). The trip lasts two weeks and it will cost you 45 euros (thirteen nights at 373 euros one!).

2. End of the year in Brazil

The Crystal Symphony is distinguished by its decor (London classic and New York sophistication) and the availability of the staff. A personal butler, 24 hours a day, will take care of all your desires and / or problems. For this cruise, it will cost you € 24 or € 47 per night.

3. From Argentina to Antarctica

This original cruise is the most expensive among those presented here. Its overall cost is € 49, € 950 per night. The Silver Explorer ship from Silversea is very luxurious. The “Silver Suite” is positioned at the very top of the range. You can greatly enjoy it since this cruise lasts 2 days.

4. Mickey, Donald and Company are also going on a cruise!

Enjoy a cruise with the family on board the “Disney Magic” in the “Concierge Royale” suite with its 96m² surface area. You will be able to have fun with the members of the Disney family. To obtain this privilege, count € 8 (€ 018 per night).

5. Frozen sojourn in Antarctica

For those who love Antarctica, the Ponant company offers a superb intimate cruise in the cold. On board the Lyrial, in the Owner's suite, you can experience great luxury from Ushuaia, for 10 nights, in particular with a jacuzzi and 24-hour room service. The price of such luxury? 24 euros, or 21 euros per night.

6. The mythical Queen Mary 2

Faithful to traditional cruises? Depart on the Queen Mary 2 from New York to Southampton. With the Cunard company, you can spend an unforgettable week aboard one of the most legendary ships. For 14 euros, or 619 euros per night, you will stay in the Grand Queens Grill duplex, a magnificent 2088m² suite.

7. Glaciers and adventures off the coast of Ushuaia

The company Quark Expeditions invites you to board the Sea Adventurer to make you discover cold and breathtaking landscapes: from Ushaia to Punta Arenas, you will not risk getting bored. During 10 days off Argentina and Chile, you will be able to explore almost unexplored lands within the framework of wild stopovers. To recover from your emotions, you will be accommodated in a suite at 16 euros, or 470 euros per night.

8. The great luxury in South America

Quickly board the Seven Seas Mariner to discover the treasures of South America. The Regent company will know how to make you enjoy your stay on board, since the boat is the very first made up entirely of suites with balconies. From Venezuela to Martinique, via Colombia, Peru or Grenada, you will have to pay € 31, or € 039 per night, to experience a dream trip while enjoying the services of a butler, Hermès products and even two large marble bathrooms.

9. Polynesia and the Society Archipelago

Want exoticism? Set sail for the Society Archipelago in French Polynesia aboard the Paul Gauguin. Stop off at evocative places like Huahine, Île aux Femmes, while savoring the luxury of one of its suites on a boat like no other. For the Owner Suite, the most luxurious, count € 11 per week, or € 164 per night.

10. The wonders of the Greek Islands

Finally, in tenth position in this ranking of the most expensive cruises in the world, we suggest you set off with the company Océania Cruises towards the Greek islands. On board the Riviera, the Owner suite awaits you with its 186m², piano bar and Ralph Lauren furniture. You will be entitled to a welcome champagne to enjoy your journey between Istanbul and Athens, via the most beautiful ports of Greece. To take advantage of it, you will almost have to pay a 5-figure sum: 9999 euros per week, or 1428 euros per night.

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