The 10 most beautiful national parks in Poland

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Poland has more than one trick up its sleeve to attract the passing traveler! Of course, its famous and tormented past makes it a must-see destination and allows you to learn more about its historic journey to say the least intense. The country is also overwhelmed by incomparable natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes, often overlooked by the average tourist. The many national parks of Poland are obviously no stranger to these simply sensational scenery. Let yourself be carried away to the confines of these wild expanses of incredible natural conservation! Let yourself be tempted, without hesitation, by an immersion and a greenery in one of the 10 national parks of Poland!

Bialowieza National Park and its splendid primary forest

This Polish natural area is famous for its amazing primary forest, still quite intact, and the nearly 300 European bison who still roam this vast expanse today. The flora and fauna are incredibly rich and there are more than a hundred species of birds, as well as several animal species such as wolves, lynx and beavers. Don't hesitate to visit this place, which is one of Poland's most popular national parks!

Bialowieza national park

Babia Gora National Park, home of the capercaillie

Does the name capercaillie mean absolutely nothing to you? Perhaps its sweet nickname of the large heather cock will help you locate this imposing gallinaceous, rare in Poland and typical of this nature reserve! It coexists with other much more impressive animal species such as the bear, the wolf and the lynx. VSand incredible place oscillates between vast primary forests and mountain vegetation taking precedence over the rocky scree. A must see !

Babia Gora National Park

Biebrza National Park and its natural peatlands

This Biebrza nature reserve is the largest of all national parks in Poland. Its particularity lies in the fact thata large part of its area is covered exclusively by peat bogs. Its swamps make it a unique place, with very adapted flora and fauna. Visit this magical place in the spring, when migrating birds land there, and you will come back amazed!

Biebrza National Park

Bieszczady National Park and its endemic plants

This incredible park offers hikers exceptional panoramas in the highest part of its massif, with rounded summits covered with low vegetation. Its majestic forests cover another part of the territory of this reserve. Visit this place with a guide, to learn more about the multitude of endemic plants and the typical fauna of the place. It's an idea to make it happen!

Le Parc Bieszczady

Tuchola Forest National Park

Between glacial lakes, rivers and peat bogs, this nature reserve offers nature lovers the opportunity to observe rare marsh plant species. Water birds find a perfect place here to nest and trout abound in the various rivers! Sailing enthusiasts will also find their happiness by sailing on one of its lakes.

Tuchola forest

Ojcow National Park and its countless caves

Very close to Krakow, this unique place owes its fame to numerous excavations, caves and rocks strewn between the dense forests of this extraordinary park. Remember to stop to contemplate the club of Hercules and let your imagination run wild! Also sneak into the widest of 400 caves present on the site for a moment of total disconnection!

Ojcow National Park

The Piénines National Park and its incredible gorges

You cannot go to this park without contemplating the hallucinating gorges of Dunajec with its steep cliffs. Why not observe this impressive canyon by going down the river by boat or by raft? The view on these slopes, several hundred meters high, is simply stunning! With a bit of luck, you will have the chance to cross the road of a newt or a spotted salamander, protected species of the place.

The gorges of Piénines

The Tatra National Park and its sublime mountains

These Polish mountains take you into an exceptional natural universe imbued with majestic waterfalls, sumptuous lakes or even raging torrents. This high mountain setting would not be complete without magnificent wooded areas that host endemic flora in the Tatras and a varied fauna. Lose yourself in these pine forests and take the time to observe the bountiful nature of one of Poland's most beloved national parks.

Tatra National Park

Wolin National Park and its impressive cliffs

The prettiest cliffs on the Polish coast, high in places of a hundred meters, are found in this very special nature park in northern Poland. Located along the Baltic shore, on the most important Polish island, this largely wooded park welcomes nature enthusiasts in search of rare flora and fauna.

the cliffs of Wolin Island

Slowinski National Park and its shifting dunes

The sand has invaded many parts of the forest, the remains of which are still visible and impress visitors. These moving dunes reveal their power and their very particular vegetation. Moreover, it is astonishing to see the regulation and even the natural consolidation of these ergs by some robust pioneer plants. This place is undoubtedly one of the most unusual national parks in Poland!

Slowinski dunes

Ready for an authentic immersion in the deep Polish nature?

Poland's national parks have unparalleled surprises in store for you. Before your departure, we give you the essentials to know to visit Poland in the best possible way. In addition to your immersion in nature, don't forget to visit the country's must-see sites! 

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