Tasmania Identity Card

Tasmania Identity Card

- Location: É Area: 68 000 km² Population: 531 inhabitants (000 estimate).
- Density Capital of Fairy capital Official language : l & rsquo Change : the Australian dollar.
- Head of l & rsquo Site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Tasmanian Wilderness Area (1982).


- finances of Tasmania are flourishing. The economic growth y has been above the Australian national average for several years.

The major activities are mining, processing industries, trade and services, agriculture, fishing and viticulture. tourism was revived in the early 2000s by lower air fares and the appearance of new ferries connecting the island to mainland Australia.

THElumbering is also important, but it poses ecological problems. NGOs such as Greenpeace and WWF denounce the looting of primary forests, which are among the last in the world. Electricity is produced by hydroelectric power stations and natural gas.

Food, especially seafood. Exports are mainly East (China, India).

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