Sunrise and Small-Group Kata Tjuta Tour

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Aina Martin

Experience the mystical morning serenity of one of Australia's most spiritual places! Travel to the domes of the Kata Tjuta rock massifs (the Olgas) and admire their changing colors in the light of the rising sun! Savor a gourmet picnic breakfast, and take a walking tour of the magnificent Walpa Gorge! Traveling in a small group, with no more than 12 participants, you'll have an intimate and personalized experience.

Before sunrise, your guide will take you on a journey through striking desert landscape to the entrance to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. As the sun begins to color the horizon, you will travel 40km through the breathtaking park scenery to the rock domes formation of Kata Tjuta.

As the desert landscape comes alive with the sunrise, your guide will lead you to the best spot to admire the 36 rock domes tinged in a dramatic shade of red and orange. After this magnificent and awe-inspiring experience, you will trek to the west coast of Kata Tjuta for a delicious gourmet picnic breakfast. Listen to the sounds of the desert as you enjoy your meal, and immerse yourself in the peaceful aura of one of the most amazing natural monuments on earth.

After breakfast, the tour continues to Walpa Gorge. There, your guide will tell you how Kata Tjuta and the surrounding rock monuments became eon after eon in constant weathering. As you walk between these towering stone walls, your guide will inform you about the ceremonies performed at Kata Tjuta and their importance to the indigenous peoples.

Following your 5-hour tour, your guide will drop you back at your Ayers Rock Resort hotel.

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