Summer camp or language course?

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Have fun while learning

Which is the best choice for your children's holidays: do you prefer them to have fun or learn a language and discover a country? A difficult choice for parents because looking after their children during the holidays is not easy. A brief overview of summer camps and language stays to help you make the right choice ...

Language stay: education objective!

Language problems? Why not take advantage of the holidays for your child to learn English in London or elsewhere? After all, travel builds youth! Starting at what age ? 7 years, not before. And what language? Almost all from the age of 16. Here are some examples of language trips that can be offered to your teenager.

The programs are adapted to the age and language level of the child. For the youngest, English or Spanish. Organization: morning lessons and leisure afternoons. Mission total immersion in a family for teenagers already used to the language.

Another question to ask: where to send it? In France or abroad? How's that in France? Well yes, there are language stays in France, especially in English. To combine business with pleasure send your children to & agragrave; the mountain. And rest assured, it's still a holiday: in most language stays, relaxation activities are also offered!

Activities galore for the hyperactive

Your child does not have a problem with schooling, but is looking for adventure? Opt for the summer camp. No more summer camps where children are bored! From toddlers of 4 to 18-year-olds, almost everything exists. Some examples of themes that can be found:

  • Sports: mechanical sport (motocross), water (surfing, sailing), team (football…) or sliding (skiing, snowboarding). For the little ones, “horse rider seeds” or circus colonies!
  • Artistic: theater, dance or music, and even cinema!
  • Multi-activity: practical if you don't know what to choose!
  • A colony abroad: a 2 in 1 stay! For example, sports activities in Spain: original!


Summer, Easter, Spring Break, you will find stays for every vacation! From 7 days to 3 weeks, or even more for older children.

How much does it cost ?

The older the child, the more expensive it is. For older children, it will of course be necessary to plan an additional budget for outings and some purchases. A language course is generally more expensive than a summer camp: from € 1 (€ 000 in France), only € 500 for the summer camp. Outside Europe, of course, the cost increases: for a three-week stay in the United States, count at least € 400!

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