Street Parade: rave in Zurich

Boring Zurich? Not always and not everywhere. For 15 years, the Swiss financial center has become one of the capitals of the European techno scene thanks to a gigantic street rave: the Street Parade. 11 August, nearly a million revelers will beat the pavement of Zurich for more than 24 hours of house, techno, ambient, jungle and more. The opportunity to discover the B side of Zurich, set to music by the best DJs on the planet!

A million ravers in the land of banks

A gigantic rave party in the heart of the financial center of German-speaking Switzerland? Frankly, you had to dare. Zurich, at first glance, with its plush houses and banks, does not really encourage techno-house delirium. The city, home to the most expensive streets in the world, is more like the suit and tie of the force-fed financier in the Wall Street Journal than the neon tank top and baggy shorts of the basic party boy. And yet, even in Switzerland, anything is possible. The proof: the Street Parade, which will attract its million ravers next Saturday in Zurich. Young people (and not so young too!) From Europe, the United States and even trendy Tel Aviv, to parade through the streets of the city and party for more than 24 hours.

Success story and cash drawer

The Street Parade is one of the great success stories of the techno movement. In 1992, a young mathematics student from Zurich, Marek Krynski, decided to organize a festive gathering in his city after seeing a report on the mythical Love Parade in Berlin. The first parade was put together in the summer of 1992, with a big rave party in a ball bearing factory (!). In all, 2 people participated in the parade in the streets and in the rave, which was still considered at the time a great success for the curator Zurich. The only shadows on the board: only one float (here called "Love Mobile") is able to parade and the "libertine enthusiasm" of the ravers shocks the good society and the local police. Result: the Street Parade is forbidden to parade in the very chic Banhofstrasse. No one will dance on the most expensive street in the world anymore. Here, we don't dance, sir, we count ...

More is needed to discourage Marek Krynski who manages to obtain (not without difficulty) a new authorization in 1993, but also the jackpot: Dr. Motte himself, founder of the Love Parade in Berlin, comes to mix in Zurich in the company of Sven Väth, another big name in clubbing. On August 28, 1993, the Swiss city definitely exists on the techno map. From year to year, the flood of ravers will grow to reach the million in 2001. Whether the heat wave is raging (37 ° in 2003) or that downpours pour over the parade (17 ° in 2006) , enthusiasm and ardor seize the cheering crowd. But also Zurich residents themselves, because if the Street Parade is organized by a non-profit association, its economic benefits make the happiness of local merchants.

The turnover of the event is estimated at some 150 million Swiss francs (100 million euros). Restaurants, hotels, transport, shops and party planners rub their hands in front of their cash drawers. Finally, the Zurich nightlife is happily surfing the popularity of the Street Parade. The city is now one of the hotspots of techno Europe throughout the year. Many parties are organized at the Oxa Dance Hall, at the Kanzlei Disco und Kultur and at the Kaufleuten, which welcome several thousand young people every weekend from all over Switzerland, but also from Germany and Italy.

In 2007, total "Respect" in the streets

This year, the Street Parade is (already!) Celebrating its 15th anniversary. Expect Zurich to dive into a fountain of youth again on August 11. Colorful tanks, sound systems and full blast amplifiers, outrageous costumes and scantily clad creatures will set off to storm the streets of Zurich. The watchword of the event: “Respect” for oneself, for nature and for others. A message that fits well with the general philosophy of the Street Parade, which is officially a "demonstration for love, peace, freedom and tolerance" advocating peaceful coexistence, regardless of the color of the skin, the sexual orientation or origins.

Some 25 “Love Mobiles”, floats playing techno, and five stages punctuate the parade route which stretches for 2,4 km from Seefeld to Hafendamm Enge, skirting Lake Zurich and passing by Place Bellevue. , the Quaibrücke and the Bürkliplatz. The festivities kick off at 13 p.m. and the street party lasts until 22 p.m. DJs come from all over Europe and North America. And after the Street Parade, the party continues until the next day in around a hundred places in and around Zurich. There is something for everyone, from underground micro-parties to mega-parties with thousands of participants. Old Spass!

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    To find out all about techno parties, consult the Züri-Tip (available at the tourist office) or go to the Tracks Records store, Limmatquai 108 (at the bottom of the Niederdorf) where there are many flyers.

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