Strasbourg thematic routes

Strasbourg thematic routes


There is, in Strasbourg, only the embarrassment of the choice for the backpacker keen on history.

  • Delivery charges Renaissance houses which adjoin the cathedral like the bridges of Petite France, official buildings prestige and others Jugendstil villas (Alemannic Art Nouveau) of the Neustadt in the XNUMXth century district which borders on Place Broglie, the local architecture is already taking a trip back in time.
  •  The visit of the superb Historical museum even more.
  • Those of museum lady or Alsatian museum are just as necessary.
  • Another essential visit, the Rohan Palace for its Muséromaine and the DéAntoinette each stayed in their turn (they house an interesting Museum of Decorative Arts which also tells the story of the city).
  • In addition, Strasbourg has, in addition to its essential Cathedral, number of churches where to better understand the history of this city, very quickly acquired with the ideas of the Reformation.
  • - historic cellars (opened in 1395) civilian hospices de Strasbourg make it possible to combine history with pleasure, since they always contain a few exceptional bottles. B
  • Of course, we must not forget to immerse ourselves in a much more contemporary history by visiting the European Parliament.


Vertigo in this city entirely dedicated to culture.

  • Le museArts the Palais Rohan which presents an almost complete panorama of painting from the Renaissance to the XNUMXth century
  • Le Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which takes over for the following centuries
  • The works of street artists from the Gare district to the countless Art Galeries and other exhibition venues in Strasbourg
  • European guards from the 1920s.
  • And as it is not only the visual arts, Strasbourg has an impressive number - for a city of this importance - of places that welcome shows the most diverse: from contemporary dance to classical ballet, from opera to puppet shows, from electronic nights in the Laiterie district to electric nights at Jazz d'Or.

With family, with children

  • The c & oeligÎdes-Enfants ”!
  • Lunch (available at the tourist office) which allows you to discover the cathedral and its neighborhood in a fun way.
  • Neustadt is also full of places to visit with children:
    • le museum and its erotic works!),
    • the astonishing old-fashioned natural history collections of Zoological museum,
    • rare species of Botanical Garden
    • or the astonishing planetarium.
  • A boat trip on the Ill (with commentaries - pirate island style - specially adapted for children) is another possible option.
  • And, as children generally like animals, those in the mini-zoo and the mini-farm Orangerie park they will no doubt please. 
  • Le Ship, where discovering science and technology while having fun is a must in the city with the family.
  • And while you are rives where the water games should, for sure, delight your toddlers. They will certainly be very excited to cross a border!
  • Since we are talking about water, the astonishing swimming pools of municipal baths are a nice original invitation for a family swim (there are even swimming lessons).
  • Finally, try to schedule an evening at Young Audience theater for a puppet show, for example (if a bike ride along the
  • 560 km cycle paths did not tire the whole family too much…).

For two, in love

Strasbourg, which devolves on Valentine's Day, is a city that comes together as a duo.

  • Fairy-tale neighborhoods, like the Petite France
  • Cobbled streets where, as on the banks of the Ill
  • Delivery charges parks also the most romantic like the one of the Orangery,
  • The tables often hidden in the corners of its winstubs where to treat yourself to a private dinner ...


With an impressive number of very beautiful shops - historical for some like the Artzner house, specialist in foie gras since 1803 - local products, in Strasbourg, you have to provide a little space in your backpack for the return!


Strasbourg is a green city in every sense of the word, with some 77 trees and the largest network of cycle paths of France.

  • To fill up on chlorophyll, head to the vast old-style park of the Orangerie
  • or the most contemporary Deux-Rives garden.
  • For a lesson in botany, slip into the aisles of the Botanical Garden.

Jeu Magazine

  • With the people of Strasbourg, who developed a passion for Escape Games, whose addresses are multiplying ...
  • In the basement for experimentation.
  • To Nicolas-aux-Ondes.
  • Hidden in a speakeasy, the secret bars or ice bars.
  • Bold, in tattoo studios, in which Strasbourg now excels, according to followers of the genre ...

Enough to be won over by the unsuspected fantasy of this student metropolis much less wise than it seems.

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