Star Wars, the filming locations of the saga

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker releases on December 18th to the delight of fans of a seemingly endless futuristic saga, like the universe! If many scenes were shot in the studio, inevitably, many landscapes of our good old Earth have played a big role in this show for almost four decades. invites you to get on his ship to visit them.

Star Wars: 9 films and around XNUMX sites

The Star Wars saga began in 1977 under the leadership of filmmaker George Lucas. Many elements drawn from all the cultures of the world mix happily in this series which, very roughly summarized, tells of the fight between Good and Evil in a galaxy populated by beings of all kinds, some being able to use the Force in a positive (Jedi) or negative (Sith) way. The characters are numerous.

The first three films released in theaters (which correspond in fact to episodes IV, V and VI) bring together the young Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (Dark Vader in French). The next three go back to the origins of the saga. Luke's father, Anakin Skywalker, hesitates to switch to the dark side of the Force ...

Produced by Disney, which acquired the Lucasfilm company in 2012, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens picks up the story more than 30 years after the end of Episode VI and begins a third Star Wars trilogy, the Saga Skywalker. The second part, Star Wars, episode VIII: The Last Jedi, released in 2017, is the sequel. On December 18, 2019, Star Wars, episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker concludes the saga and keeps all fans in suspense. Will the dark side of the Force take over?

For our Star Wars world tour, we invite you to discover the real landscapes and destinations that served as the backdrop to the planets and places that marked the Stars Wars films. 

Naboo: Lake Como, Seville, England

Naboo is a verdant planet inhabited by humans led by Queen Padmé Amidala at the start of the saga. Its other occupants are the Gungans, amphibious beings, the most famous of which is Jar Jar Binks.

The capital is Theed, which is on the edge of the Como lake en Italy, where Villa Balbianello served as the backdrop. At least in part, because the interior of the royal palace is that of Caserta, near Naples, while the vast city square is the Plaza de Espana in Seville en Spain.

As for the forest landscapes, these are those of Whippendell Woods, in Cassiobury Park in Watford (Hertfordshire) in England.

Episodes I and II.

Tatooine ... or Tataouine?

Tatooine is a desert planet populated by ferocious nomadic Sandmen, Jawas Jawas, outlaws of all kinds with slaves, and human farmers. This is where Anakin Skywalker was born and his son Luke grew up.

Tatooine largely takes the features of ... Tataouine. The surroundings of this town of Tunisia have been put to use, such as the ksour Hadada, Medenine and Ouled Soltane. It is at Matmata that is the farm of Lars (uncle and aunt of Luke), which is from now on famous hotel Sidi Driss. The sites of Nefta, Djerba, Chott el djerid or the canyon of Sidi Bouhlel (place of ambush and course of modules) are also of the distribution.

Two deserts of California also served as a backdrop: the Death Valley (for the road that leads to Jabba's palace) and the Imperial valley (for the terrible pit where the Sarlacc devours who falls there).

Episodes I, II, III, IV and VI.

Kashyyyk: Thailand and China

The forests of Kashyyyk are home to the Wookiees, a kind of great apes who are formidable warriors. The most famous representative of this species is Chewbacca, co-pilot and accomplice of Han Solo.

The representation of this planet uses highly retouched images of the islands of the Phang Nga Bay en Thailand as well as guilin mountains en China.

Episode III.

Alderaan ... in Switzerland

Alderaan, or Aldorande in French, is the planet where Princess Leïa grew up. This peaceful land makes a brief appearance in the saga in the form of the Bachalpsee lake, located in the Bernese Alps, near Grindelwald in Swiss. The destruction of Alderaan is caused by the Death Star under the orders of Emperor Palpatine.

Episode III.

Mustafar and Etna

The planet Mustafar is volcanic. No wonder images of molten lava taken on the Etna volcano en Italy were used as a backdrop for a furious duel between Darth Vader and his former Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Episode III, Rogue One (Star Wars derivative film).

Yavin IV, among the Mayas

Yavin IV is one of the three moons of the gas planet Yavin. A secret Rebel Alliance base is housed there in temples. These surprisingly resemble the Mayan pyramids of Tikal, au Guatemala...

Episode IV, Rogue One.

Hoth, Norway!

A frozen planet, Hoth serves as a base for the rebels. There he fought a battle against the war machines of the Empire. Some claim that it actually took place at central norway, in Finse and on the Hardangerjøkulen glacier…

Episode V.

Endor: Redwood Park, California

Endor is one of the gaseous planet's moons with the same name. It is mostly covered with forests where Ewoks live, which look like teddy bears. But they are capable of fighting fiercely, as the forces of the Empire will see when they form an alliance with Luke Skywalker and the rebels.

It's the Redwood national park en California who lent his trees to the film crew, notably his giant sequoias through which we witness a memorable motorcycle-jet chase.

Episode VI.

Ireland: Skellig Michael, key setting for episodes VII and VIII

One of the most beautiful corners of Ireland served as the setting at the end of the film The Awakening of the Force: it is the superb monastery dating from the XNUMXth century of Skellig Michael Island, in the southwest of the country.

Some scenes from episode VIII The Last Jedi were filmed not far away, near the promontory of Ceann Sibeal, on the southwest coast of Ireland, as well as Dubrovnik in Croatia. But most of it was done in Pinewood studios.

Pasaana: Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

With its expanses of sand from which magnificent sandstone formations emerge and its gradations of red, orange and yellow, the Wadi Rum is the perfect movie set.

Already used as a backdrop for the moon Jedha in Rogue One, this Jordanian desert was also used for the planet Pasaanan, a world as deserted as the planet Tatooine, from the last episode of The Rise of Skywalker.

Kef Bir: Ivinghoe Beacon in England

Kef Bir is an oceanic moon, arguably one of the nine moons on the planet Endor, where Death Star II from Episode VI is believed to have crashed.

Some scenes on Kef Bir from Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker are said to have been shot at Ivinghoe Beacon in England, near the Elstree and Leavesden studios. The Harry Potter saga also took pictures of this green hill. Black park, adjacent to Pinewood Studios, would also be one of the filming locations for Episode IX, but its fit in fiction remains unclear.

The studios

The scenes that take place indoors, at least the majority of them, or in space were made in various studios in Great Britain : Leavesden, Ealing, Shepperton, Elstree and Pinewood. Those of Fox in Sydney, Australia, were also used.


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