Sports and recreation Israel, Palestine

Sports and recreation Israel, Palestine

Ecotourism in Israel

With a desert covering around 60% of the country, the extraordinary seabed of the Red Sea, and nearly 300 national reserves and parks, Israel is a great destination for ecotourism.

Nature reserves and national parks

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Hikes and treks

The country prepares itself Filed School) which have an office of guides.

Diving in the Red Sea

The Red Sea has become one of the world's top diving destinations. The exploration conditions are ideal: water temperature between 21 and 29 ° C, remarkable clarity and depths accessible to everyone. Divers can dip their fins in it all year round. However, prefer the months of April and May for the pleasant climate and fairly calm winds.

Plungers is disproportionate.

Ecotourism in Palestine


The West Bank is perfect for hiking. It is possible to organize walks lasting several days by contacting a specialized and recognized agency.
We should also mention the approach of the NGO Riwaq which combines ecotourism with the act of citizenship by organizing hikes in villages located (often in zone B) around large urban centers in order to recreate a social fabric fragmented by colonies and communities. Israeli controls. It is also a way of promoting the natural and architectural heritage of the region.

Nature reserves and national parks

Israel manages a few reserves or archaeological sites located in Area C, such as the Ein Fawwar Reserve, between Jericho and Ramallah, the sites of Qumran and the Good Samaritan Inn to the east, or Herodion, near Bethlehem.

The entrance to these parks and reserves is most of the time paid: depending on the site, about 20 to 30 Shk.

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