Split, Croatian Marseille

Welcome to Croatian Marseille! Far from the splendor and glitz of Dubrovnik, Split takes you through the maze of narrow streets of its palace, its port atmosphere and its recently refurbished maritime promenade. Don't let yourself be lured by these bars of buildings from a bygone era that may take you away from a city that is taming itself.

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Whether you are just passing through while waiting for one of the many ferries that will take you to the surrounding islands that seem more attractive to you or installed for a few days in town, take the time to stroll through the narrow streets of Diocletian's Palace, let guide you by your instinct from one of the entrance doors of the palace to another, from one Roman vestige to another, from the daily market to the products coming straight from the surrounding mountains to the promenade (the famous Riva and its many terraces) redone.

If you are not subject to vertigo, walk the hundred steps which will lead you to the top of the bell tower which overlooks the peristyle. You will have an unobstructed view not only of the surrounding islands and the arid mountain hinterland, but also of all the habitat that has developed over generations within the palace itself, which is almost unique in Europe.

If you're in a sporty mood, put on your trainers and head for Marjan Hill. After crossing the Varos, historic popular district of Split, you will have under your feet a few tens of kilometers of walk in a typical Mediterranean environment and vegetation. There is no doubt that the elevation and the heat will get the better of your early summer resolutions! Go down gently towards one of the beaches near the town and after a fierce game of Picigin (a little passing game with a small ball in the water), come and drink a well-deserved aperitif on the peristyle where your buttocks will rest on stones some 1700 years old! An entire program !


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