Spas and straw huts in the Maldives

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Luxury stay in a very high-end hotel chain

A stay in a spa is good. A stay in a luxurious spa thousands of kilometers from France is better! I present to you in this post what is done best ...

Luxury, calm ...

Imagine, the blue lagoon for the horizon, a modern and traditional hut at the same time and very high-end spa treatments… paradise may be there… and the Six Senses Resort & Spas chain is established there. We are in South-East Asia, surely in one of the most magical places in the world.

Residences on a paradise island in an atoll in the Maldives, villas built on a promontory with lush vegetation on Samoui Island, a secular fishing village on Zighy Bay… in total, nearly 15 resorts. A review ? Making a choice is not an easy task.

And pleasure!

Spa services meet expectations. They are declined according to the precepts of the pyramid of the six senses: at the base, the three primary senses (sight, hearing and touch). The other two, higher: taste and smell. Finally, at the top, exaltation, the result of a balanced mix of all the other senses.

Massages, body treatments, rebalancing of mind and body, baths perfumed with exotic flowers… you will come into contact with the secular traditions of South-East Asia through their exceptional well-being treatments.

To remember from Six Senses Resorts & Spa? A breathtaking natural setting, very high quality hotel services and a variety of well-being treatments that are rooted in Thai traditions. Obviously, the products are completely natural and meet a great ecological requirement.

And as well-being is also experienced from the inside, a point of honor is made in the kitchen for invigorating and light menus. You will discover all the fruits of the region through delicious fruit juices. The teas offered are also a real revelation.

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