Small-group walking food tours exploring the flavors of Melbourne

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Celebrate Melbourne's cultural diversity on a small-group walking food tour exploring the flavors of India, Turkey or Africa. Melbourne is a melting pot that is home to some of Australia's largest migrant communities. Discover how these cultures, through their food, have helped make Melbourne the cultural capital of Australia. There are three food tours to choose from: stroll through central Melbourne's Indian Quarter or Dandenong, Melbourne's “Little India”; taste the flavors of Turkey on a stroll through the streets of Brunswick, or enjoy soul food, African cuisine, in the suburb of Footscray. Each tour includes a progressive meal at three cafes or restaurants.

Walking tour to discover Indian gastronomy
Learn about life for Australians of Indian descent on a walking food tour through central Melbourne or Dandenong, Melbourne's 'Little India'. From coconut milk to delicious seafood from Goa to curry from Kahmir, Indian cuisine varies from region to region and reflects the multi-ethnic way of life of people from the subcontinent who consider Australia as their home.
From Federation Square or Dandenong, your guide will lead you to some of Melbourne's hidden wonders. Visit an Indian store whose shelves are overflowing with herbs and spices, as well as Sikh turbans and hundreds of silk saris. Browse the shelves filled with glittering objects to get a taste of India. Then begin your progressive meal by sampling different regional dishes at three local Indian cafes and restaurants.
Walking tour to discover Turkish gastronomy
Discover Brunswick, the cultural heart of Melbourne, and be enchanted by the flavors of the Middle East. As you walk with your guide, enjoy a progressive meal at three local Turkish cafes. Tantalize your taste buds with a dish of meze (appetizer) accompanied by a cup of cinnamon tea. Then experience Turkey's answer to pizza as you savor an authentic pide, followed by savory spiced rice and a Turkish classic: dolmas (stuffed cabbage leaves). You will end your culinary escapade by tasting delicious desserts and delicacies
sweets like baklava and muhalleb.
Walking tour to discover African gastronomy
Soak up the unique cultural atmosphere of Footscray, home of Melbourne's African community. Learn about African regional differences while enjoying a progressive meal at three African restaurants. Learn about African culture and cuisine, from biltong (dried meat) to injera (Ethiopian bread). Then visit a local grocery store to see the different foods, spices, and cooking utensils on sale.

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