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Charles Darwin was a regular at London Zoo and visited it regularly. Now you can follow in his footsteps with the "skip the line" to enter London Zoo. Even better, by buying your ticket in advance, you skip the line. Don't waste time waiting in line!

New to London Zoo is the Rainforest of Life, a new indoor experience that highlights the tropics in London! See free-roaming monkeys, sloths, and even a tree anteater in London's only living rainforest.

Meet the giant Galapagos tortoise which can live for over 150 years, and which carries the huge bony shell which it can hide inside if it feels threatened. Visit the Blackburn Pavilion of the Fantastic and learn how Darwin's contemporary, John Gould, identified the differences between the species of finches that Darwin brought back from the Galapagos, aided by the theoretical formulas of evolution.

You can observe the behavior of monkeys in the First Kingdom of Gorillas, and also face to face with a group of squirrel monkeys from Bolivia in conditions close to their natural habitat.

Travel to Africa and admire the giraffes through a raised viewing platform. Be sure to respect the Komodo dragons in their state-of-the-art lair, laid out to mimic a dry river bed.

London Zoo is a leader in conservation and reintroduction breeding and, with over 1,7 million visitors a year, it provides a unique opportunity to engage and inspire visitors of all ages!

Detailed schedule

Starting point:
London Zoo

Departure time :
Business hours :
March 6 – July 16:

10h00 - 17h30
July 17 – Sept 5:
10h00 - 18h00
September 6-October 30:
10h00 - 17h30

Last admission 1 hour before closing.

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