Sant Joan de les Abadesses

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This charming little flower town embellished by its pink stone is the site of an astonishing monastery which has welcomed both men and women, alternately of course!

The Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses

You enter through the much finer cloister than that of Ripoll because of the 15th century.

Founded by Wilfred le Poilu for his daughter Emma, ​​this monastery was very richly endowed thanks to this illustrious abbess.

Unfortunately, there are few traces left of this prosperous period and many buildings have been recovered to make homes.

The way to paradise

The Church is very particular because its nave is very short which makes think of a plan in Greek cross of what to lose its North.

The work is made not to attract light but to limit its entry, the northern part receives little lighting and therefore accepts large stained glass windows while the very bright southern part has only very small openings.

Friendly little town

On leaving the monastery, don't miss a pretty overhanging view and a small valley at the bottom of which a peaceful stream flows.

It perfectly reflects the atmosphere of this quiet town that you will complete your discovery of while having a drink in the small square covered with plane trees.

But beware, your peace of mind may be disturbed by the sound of the orchestra which pushes the more daring of the old ones to perform the perilous steps of one of the traditional dances of Catalonia: Sardinia.

This dance, in truth quite simple, is experiencing a certain revival of interest among young people and has the particularity of being danced in a circle, which gives it a very pleasant collective character.

Do not hesitate to join in the dance, these señoras will be happy to guide you.

A good address near the city: the restaurant La Teuleria (Tel. 972 72 05 07 – on the road to Sant Pau de Seguries, 20 minutes from the city.

This kind of house will welcome you in a very pleasant setting for gargantuan meals that highlight the local gastronomy.

Be careful, the restaurant which looks like a kind of club is invaded on Sundays in June by families who come to celebrate the communions or baptisms of their offspring.

It is, however, a very interesting Spanish event…sociologically!

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