Renting a Tiny House for Holidays: we tested!

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[Little reminder] What is a Tiny House?

If you already know the concept, skip to the next paragraph, otherwise read on ...

A Tiny House is a real small house, usually built of wood, and most often on wheels. It is installed on a trailer offering a floor space between 10 and 15m² (not counting the mezzanines). The Tiny House movement was born in the United States, more than 10 years ago, to respond to several issues: housing at a lower cost and reducing its ecological impact. 

We tested: a Tiny House in Normandy

As a digital nomadic family, we have traveled most of the year for over 4 years. I am therefore regularly looking for new solutions to reconcile our lifestyle based on travel, with a certain recurring need for stability. The choice of a Tiny House therefore seemed relevant to us: it was therefore necessary to test. We took advantage of a trip to Normandy to rent one during our stay near Mont-Saint-Michel, in Saint-James exactly.

Unusual accommodation for your next vacation

Like a large part of the Tiny House, it is made up of 2 levels. On the ground floor, there is the living area spread over 13m² (with the living room, the kitchen and the shower room with its dry toilets). 2 mezzanines serve as a sleeping area and thus offer a capacity of 4 beds. The mini-house is decorated with care, and with ecological materials. But above all, it is located in a corner of paradise, at the end of the owners' garden, with a view of the Normandy countryside… and access to a private terrace and a trampoline (great if you have children!).

Our opinion on this rental

- We were afraid to step on top of each other, and ultimately not: the Tiny House was designed so that each space has its function. I admit all the same that it took us a little time to adapt at the start.
- We were afraid of running out of something, and ultimately no: the micro-house offers all modern conveniences at its bare minimum. I would point out all the same the fact that the Tiny is equipped with dry toilets: it is good, it is ecological, but it will be necessary to designate the person who will be on duty to “take out the bucket” each day?

The experience was therefore very enriching, we adapt, and finally we feel at ease: it's cozy. No need for more, especially on vacation, when you are outdoors most of the time visiting all the beautiful things the region has to offer. Because in addition, the accommodation is perfectly located, between Normandy and Brittany. It gave us access to wonderful sites: Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo, Granville, Avranches, etc.

Well, finally, we do not see each other living there with 3 all year round (for the moment), but you will understand, we highly recommend this accommodation if you are planning your next vacation between Normandy and Brittany! And also know that if the concept has really convinced you, you can always go for a walk to the manufacturer's workshop ( which is only 15 minutes from the Tiny.

ℹ️ More info:
If you want to know more, or just book this Tiny House, contact Aurélie from us?
- more photos and full contact details on the Manche Tourist Office website.
- Price: between 50 and 75 € / night depending on the season and the number of days reserved.
- Manufacturer's website:

For further …

If you plan a stay in Normandy and you are looking for quality accommodation, I advise you to take a look at our selection of the best airbnb rentals in the region. But if you have planned to partir à l'étranger and that Tiny House experience turns you on, then here is a small selection of rentals in other countries. It is of course in the United States, the cradle of this movement, that you will have the opportunity to find the most Tiny Houses for rent, but we are starting to find them all over the world ...

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