Rennes activities

Rennes activities

Architecture, art and heritage in Rennes

GoûSauveur, Champ-Jacquet or Rallier-du-Baty.

The half-timbered houses of Rennes

In the streets méPierre, rue des Dames, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Guillaume, du Chapitre, Saint-Yves, on the places Rallier-du-Baty, Champ-Jacquet, Sainte-Anne. Surprise to find the woods beyond Georges, rue Saint-Melaine towards the abbey church, rue Vasselot and rue des Carmes.

Symbolic monument, the Palace of the Parliament of Brittany

Punctueconformity of texts.

Germain Gaultier's drawing is reviewed by Salomon Brush, the architect of Marie de Médicis and of the Luxembourg Palace in Paris (today the Senate): elegance of proportions punctuated by granite, tufa and the midnight blue of the slates.

The interior decor is exceptional, made of carved and gilded woodwork, remarkable painted ceilings.

Classical architecture (XNUMXth and XNUMXth century)

The architect of Louis XV, Jacques Gabriel, is responsible for the reconstruction of the 33 streets destroyed by the fire of 1720 in the heart of the city. Correcting Robelin's plans, he realizes two royal squares : that of the town hall, a building he designed, and that of the parliament. They were melted down during the Revolution.

Beyond the squares, the streets are lined with buildings with granite arcades and tufa floors.

Big names in contemporary architecture

Built in 1970 by the architect Georges Maillols, the Les Horizons residential building is one of the symbols of the city of Rennes and one of the witnesses of contemporary town planning. In recent years, the Rennes landscape has been enriched with constructions by prestigious builders: N (La Poterie metro station in 2002), Christian de Portzamparc (the Champs Libres cultural center in 2006), Odile Decq (the Regional Contemporary Art Fund in 2012) and Jean Nouvel (the Cap Mail, a luxury residential complex in 2014).

Contemporary art in the city

Artistic vitality and economic expansion often go hand in hand in Rennes. Since the early 1980s, the city has been enriched with more than 40 works of contemporary art. The particularity of these works? They all come from public commissions or from the artistic 1%.
It is a pleasure for the walker to visit Rennes by discovering these works of artists which punctuate the streets and squares. Sculptures, paintings, mosaics, trees, nails, fountains ... Creativity and variety of genres are the two hallmarks of this “public art in the city”. Many routes are possible to go to the discovery of the works.

Music: Rennes scenes

In Rennes, artists, labels and producers vibrate the cultural identity of the city and transform the Breton capital into a very dynamic arts laboratory and current music. Some labels to remember: Beast Records, Idwet, Mass prod ', Normal records. Further Music, etc. Among the producers are L'Armada, Patchrock, Fake, La Station Service, Naïade, Yapucca ...

Several Rennes artists can thus crehop, jazz, world music ...

A dynamism that can be found in the richness and diversity of festivals. Among these highlights of encounters and sharing between artists and their audiences, the Trans Musicales have been at the top of the bill since 1979. An emblematic showcase of Rennes' musical dynamism, yesterday's festival has acquired international fame. As a constantly renewed breeding ground for young talents and new trends. In its wake, other festivals make Rennes sing and dance, in other forms and other musical skies: Myth, The Embellies, Rock'n Solex, Nightfall, Electroni (k), Large Bellows, I'm from Rennes...

Sports: the Rennes stadium

Red, black and a sausage pancake! The Lorient road sports park ... Rien àchemin - Ré station, some descend to continue on foot with their best friend, in groups or with their families; 20 min walk. The time to comment on the composition of the team and to "redo the previous match". The opportunity to accommodate supporters of the opposing team, especially if they are from Nantes, or to drink a beer with them if they are from Lorient.

Here, few invective and even less pre-match brawl. For a long time now, the Stade Rennes fan has known how to appreciate the beautiful game, more than he bragging about or rolling mechanics. Sometimes a little tour in the European Cup, two French Cups to his name in almost 100 years of existence ... Nothing to show off or show off. Only the youngest still dream of a title, a new Coupe de France. The older ones just cultivate a nostalgia. That of a time when the club represented the emblem of a region. The only Breton club in the elite.

Atmosphèsaucisse grilléboys encircling the stadium, offer it to you.

And Stade Rennes in everything, including the first in the person of Franç0, thus depriving Stade Rennes of the title once again!

Finally ... as long as the galette-sausage remains, we will sing "Go Rennes" to the tune of Ave Maria. To still believe in the Red and Black.


Opportunity to discover the city from an original and endearing angle with the Rennes Greeters.

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