Recommended routes Lithuania

Recommended routes Lithuania

A weekend

In Vilnius, everything is done on foot! Here are 2 routes to be spread over 2 days.

Journey to the Door of Dawn

  • Departure fromold town hall.
  • We meet everything from Casimir, looking great,
  • then the Spirit with the bewitching interior atmosphere.
  • To Therese,
  • which leads to moving Gate of Dawn, a true national symbol.

Route to the cathedral

  • Departure fromold town hall.
  • We take the Pilies Street, the liveliest in the city.
  • At the end of the Šv street. Mykolo, a bouquet of three churches:
    • l & rsquoSaint-Michel, which houses the treasure,
    • l & rsquoAnne, gothic in appearance,
    • and I& rsquoBernardin-et-Saint-Francis, with its remains of frescoes.
  • AprèDucs traces the history of the country,
  • while upper castle offers a wide panorama of the city.

See the ideat Vilnius, a Baltic gem in Lithuania

3 days and more in Vilnius

In addition to the 2 previous routes:

  • The alleys offormer ghetto, which evoke the terrible past of the district.
  • Le holocaust museum
  • The KGB Museum concludes this moving journey.
  • To relax, discover the friendly Užupis district, who wrote his own constitution, wacky and libertarian,
  • and relax in the beautiful Bernardine Garden.
  • An additional half day allows you to grow to trakai castle.

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