Recommended itineraries Samoa

Recommended itineraries Samoa

Samoa, like many Polynesian territories, are above all places to live rather than visit. We come to confront the postcards (clichés!) Of the South Seas that we have in mind - and that we find in part, without failing to be largely surprised by the cultural particularities of the place. Of course, there are also more “formal” sites to see, must-sees. Here is an overview, island by island.

Upolu Island

Apia and the surrounding area

The capital is hot, but not bad to live in. We hang out between the two markets. On the land side, the fruit and vegetable store (Fugalei) is almost always open: sellers seem to almost live in their stalls! In front, in season, are gathered innumerable baskets of coconut leaves filled with cocoa pods. On the sea side, the fish market is especially active early in the morning.

What to do more "cool" Quomidi, go to the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve (15 minutes on foot), where the fish forage on the coral a few fathoms from the shore (the blue hole is 100 m away), or join the sand carpet of Vaiala Beach.

Three times a week, (Tuesday to Thursday 10:30 am-12:30pm) on Samoan Cultural Village offers a nice introduction to the local culture through (free!) demonstrations of dancing, music, coconut opening, tapa making, tattooing, umu, etc.

The great must-see of Samoa is located on the heights of the city 45 minutes in a very pretty setting of tree ferns, tulip trees, endemic plants and epiphytes).

Another nice excursion, accessible by bus: the Papase'ea Sliding Rocks, slippery rocks on which you descend into two natural pools. Children love it.

Elsewhere on the island

L & rsquo is d & rsquomarin. You can go down by a ladder to a platform and swim there. Truly magical!

Along the way, from Apia, we s & rsquouta, to the superb Aganoa Black Sand Beach and in the O Le Pupu Pue National Park, where several paths invite to very pretty walks (see the Sports and leisure section).

Alternatively, you can reach To Sua Trench by the north coast, stopping at the Piula Cave, a cave by the sea where a spring rises. You can swim and watch the fish, but the water is cool! We then cross the island, making possible stops at Faleja Falls (gentillettes), of Fuipisia, otherwise more impressive (55 m), which descend into a deep tropical valley, then Sopoaga (almost as pretty and at the entrance half the price). In any case, you can treat yourself to a fresh coconut on the spot!

In the south-east of the island, we join Lalomanu (Taufua) Beach, with a pretty carpet of white sand and turquoise waters. It is beautiful, integrated into a marine reserve stretching as far as Lotofaga and faces a nice group of islets (excursions possible), but is rather more exposed than other beaches on the south coast - go for example Salamumu beach, Matareva Beach ou Return to Paradise (Lefaga) Beach. It is in this sector that we find the most beautiful resorts and beach fales of the island.

Savai'i Island

The largest of the Samoan islands is even more lush, wilder than Upolu. Partly surrounded by cliffs, it is dotted with countless waterfalls and some 450 craters. A single road goes around it, but none climbs towards its heart, dominated by the considerable mass of Mount Silisili (1 m), the enormous shield volcano that gave it birth (its ascent with a guide takes 858 days).

From the port of Salelologa, you can reach a distance of 400 m and, at low tide, you can see lots of fish.

On the way to Manase, we cross an area devastated by the lava flows of Mount Matavanu between 1905 and 1911, especially in Sale'aula, where the gutted ruins of a church lie in the middle of a long-cooled flow. You can reach the crater from Safotu, via Paia, by an 8 km track, then in 10 minutes on foot. From the village, one can also explore a lava tunnel known as the Dwarf's Cave. There is another less impressive one further west (Pe'ape'a Cave) - past the source of Mata'olealelo, where you can swim.

The most popular site in the industry, however, can be found at Satoalepai. The villagers have created large ponds there where they keep green turtles until they are large and strong enough to be released without too much risk. There are usually about ten of them and you can swim with them.

Mouse). We & rsquo; s football underground! It is the largest structure of its kind in the entire South Pacific. Experts speak of "star mound", but no one really knows what their use was. The site is not easy to find and about a 40 minute walk from the road.

Further on, we reach the black sand beach of Naked you are asked for at least ST $ 10…

The very isolated northwestern tip of Savai'i ends at Cape Mulinu'u, once considered the gateway to the world of the dead. The peninsula is partly protected by the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve, which offers a nice glimpse of the canopy from its suspension bridge between two giant banyans.

The other islands of Samoa

Floating just in to take a look at the Grave of 99 stones, a monument erected in honor of Chief Vaovasa, who legend says he was killed while trying to kidnap his 99th wife…! There are fale on the east coast of the island to stay.

Visible from the collapsed coast.

Samoa recommended itineraries by duration

More than a place where you can collect sites to visit, Samoa is one of those destinations to experience where the essential is the atmosphere and the discovery of a (very) different culture.

A week in Samoa

Upolu Island

  • Apia and the Stevenson Museum
  • The Samoan Cultural Village on a morning replay day)
  • Palolo Deep Marine Reserve
  • To Sua Trench
  • The Black Sand Beach of Aganoa
  • O Le Pupu Pue National Park
  • The main waterfalls

10 to 15 days in Samoa

To the program indicated above, add the following visits:

Upolu Island

  • Papase'a Sliding Rocks
  • Piula Cave
  • 1 or 2 days in the fales of Lalomanu Beach

Savai'i Island

  • 1 or 2 days in the fales of the beaches of the east or north coast
  • Matavanu crater and lava flows
  • Satoalepai's green turtles
  • Tafua Rainforest Preserve
  • Sacred site of Pulemelei
  • Alofaaga's famous blowholes
  • Cape Mulinu'u and the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve

The islands of Manono and Apolima

  • 1 day of discovery of one or the other

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