Recommended itineraries Rome

Recommended itineraries Rome

A weekend in Rome

Fly (if you can) to the Eternal City on Friday at the end of the day to fully enjoy your 2 days.

1er day

  • Start in the historic center with the Pantheon. Admire the most important dome built in Antiquity and the famous tombs, including Raphael's tomb. 
  • Then head to the piazza Navona to embrace his incredible perspective. 
  • In the area, there are many restaurants. 
  • Then take the picturesque via dei Coronari and reach the Vatican, crossing over the ancient Saint Angelo Bridge, facing the Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Au Vatican, visit emidi & ndashPierre (having taken care of ré3h.

2nd day

  • The next day, walk to the Capitol (Campidoglio)
  • take via dei Fori Imperiali, 
  • walk past the Roman forum and go to the Colosseum. 
  • On the way back, take via dei Fori Imperiali, then via del Corso to the famous Trevi Fountain. Do nothing other than appreciate the charm of the place, the sound of the water (and the world too!) And why not throw in 1 or 2 coins? 
  • Go back to the Piazza di Spagna and savor a well-deserved rest on the steps of the Scalinata. 
  • And for those who want to enjoy even more of a bucolic break, nothing better than the park of the Villa Borghese.

4 days in Rome

1st day: the Vatican and its surroundings

Devoting a day to Vatican City is not too much.

  • Start with the muséfile (purchased on the official website).
  • Then chained Pierre, with its sublime Pietàange on the right as you enter… Count at least 4 hours of visit.
  • And if you are not satisfied, continue on via della Conciliazione up to the imposing Castel Sant'Angelo and its ancient bridge erected with statues of Bernini.

2nd day: ancient Rome

Depending on your mood and the weather, it's up to you to decide whether to visit the museums or just walk past.

  • Do not hesitate to browse the Capitoline Museums which give a good overview of ancient art and the imposing equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius.
  • Walk past the Roman forum and Coliseum.
  • Depending on your cultural appetite, push up to Baths of Caracalla (more to the south)
  • or even to the fabulous archaeological museum of palazzo Massimo (near Termini station).

3nd day

  • The bravest will go & ndashest to the eponymous park (having taken care to book several days in advance) and will take full advantage of the 2 hours authorized to visit this museum, considered one of the most beautiful private collections in Italy!
  • Then, you just have to cross the park to return to the historic center: Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna, Pantheon, piazza Navona… Everything on foot, of course!
    • Take the opportunity to admire the innumerable fountains of Rome, the baroque churches, the facades of palaces… Take the time to drink a coffee at the counter or savor an alla romana meal!

4nd day

  • We advise you to arrive early in the morning in the Trastevere district
  • and climb the Janiculum hill offering superb panoramas throughout its ascent.
  • Then, imperative visit to the villa Farnesina (every day except Sunday, 9 a.m. to 14 p.m.) to admire the magnificent frescoes by Raphael.
  • Small stopover in a trattoria: the area is full of cool addresses.
  • Take a digestive walk towards the campo dei Fiori
  • and continue in the surprising alleys of Ghetto, popular Jewish quarter steeped in history.

A week or more in Rome

In a week, you can discover the city without hurrying too much.

  • We linger in the Vatican Museums, the museums of Villa Borghese with not only the Borghese gallery but also National Etruscan Museum or galleria nazionale d'Arte moderna.
  • On the museum side, don't miss the palazzo Barberini through the Trevi Fountain where you will throw 1 or 2 small coins,
  • le Palazzo Altemps,
  • and, of course, if it is not yet done, the Capitoline Museums
  • and that of palazzo Massimo.
  • Without forgetting the magnificent basilica Santa Maria Maggiore,
  • small charming churches like that of the basilica San Clemente
  • or the basilica, certainly eccentric Jean-de-Lateran.
  • We also push to less frequented areas, such as Garbatella in the south of Rome, dear to Nanni Moretti, where you will discover the Montemartini central, an extraordinary museum of ancient statues with a backdrop of an old power station,
  • or the EUR district, even further south, created from scratch by Mussolini for the Universal Exhibition of 1942, which never took place.
  • And for contemporary art enthusiasts, the MAXXI, north of Rome, opens its doors wide 
  • near the curious fascist sports facilities of the Foro Italico, built in the 1920s and kept as is.
  • If you are staying more than 5 days, visit the site from Ostia Antica (accessible by train) is a must!
  • Without counting the catacombs south of the city on via Appia Antica, 
  • and, why not, the 2 villas of Tivoli (provided you rent a car for the day) 
  • or the villages of Castelli Romani.

In short, in a week, we have fun while taking our time ... the real dolce vita!

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