Recommended itineraries Iran

Recommended itineraries Iran

Considering the climate, it is better to travel to Iran in autumn and spring. Note, however, that the Persian New Year (Nowruz, around March 20-21) is the very high season. The country is three times the size of France, the roads are in good condition, but the distances are very long.

A week in Iran

2 days in Tehran

  • Golestan Palace
  • Crown Jewels Museum
  • National Museum of Iran
  • E-shar park
  • It's a mess

3 days in Isfahan

  • Imam's place
  • Ali Qâpou Palace,
  • The grand bazaar
  • Sheikh Loftollah Mosque
  • The Imam Mosque
  • Si-o-seh pol bridge
  • The Tchehel Sotun Palace
  • The pigeon tower
  • The Palace of Eight Heaven (Hasht Behesht)
  • The Armenian Quarter of Jolfa and Vank Cathedral

2 days in Shiraz

  • The Regent's Mosque (Vakil)
  • The e-Vakil Bazaar
  • Madraseh-ye Khan
  • The mosqueol-Molk
  • The tomb of Hâfez
  • Saadi's tomb
  • The door of the Quran (Darvazeh-ye Quran
  • Naranjestan Garden)
  • The Garden of Paradise (Bagh-e Eram)

A Persepolis day

  • The ancient ruins of Perseus Rostam

2 weeks in Iran

3 days in Tehran

  • With Jamshidyieh Park and an excursion to the heights of Tochal

2 days in Kashan

  • It's a mess
  • The Khan tea house
  • The traditional houses Khan-e Borujerdi, Khan e-Tabatabei, Khan e-Ameriha Khan e-Abbassin
  • Agha Bozorg Mosque
  • Garden of Bagh-e Tarikhi-ye end
  • A getaway in the village of Abyaneh

3 days in Isfahan

3 days Yazd and around

  • The old Town
  • The towers of silence
  • Ateshkadeh fire temple
  • Alexander's prison
  • The Amir Chakhmaq ensemble
  • Jameh mosque
  • Meybod caravanserai and dovecote 52 km to the north
  • The ruins of the village of Kharanaq
  • The Zoroastrian site of Chak Chak, 72 km to the north

One day Pasargadae-Naqsh-e Rostam

  • The ruins of Persepolis and the tombs

2 days in Shiraz

3 weeks in Iran

2 days in Tabriz

  • It's a mess
  • The blue mosque
  • Azerbaijan Museum
  • The rose garden
  • Argh-e Tabriz
  • The churches

3 days in Tehran

2 days in Mashad

  • The Quds-e Razavi mausoleum)
  • The Khajeh Rabi mausoleum
  • Nader Shah mausoleum
  • L & rsquoMesrop
  • The mosque of Imam Muhammad Baqir
  • The carpet museum
  • The city of Tus about twenty kilometers from Mashad

Kashan (2 days)

Isfahan (3 days)

Yazd (3 days)

Persepolis (1 day)

Shiraz (2 days)

2 days in Kerman

  • The e-Vakil bazaar
  • Jameh mosque
  • The Moshtaq Ali Shah mausoleum
  • The hammam-e Ganj Ali Khan
  • The small town of Mahan south east of Kerman

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