Recoleta and San Telmo Markets Bike Tour

Enjoy a 4-hour bike tour around the city, visiting the two most important international fairs in Buenos Aires: San Telmo and Recoleta. It's a great tour through the history of these two markets, with lots of anecdotes and information, and plenty of free time to wander around and explore them from start to finish.

Your tour begins when you meet your guide in central Buenos Aires. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment and start pedaling through these amazing city markets.

You will first head to the markets of Recoleta. These markets started in the 70s with only a handful of artisans laying down a sheet to sell their wares. Today it has grown into one of the largest fairs in town with high quality handicrafts ranging from silver, yerba mate gourds, to leather, pottery, jewelry, all at the both traditional and modern. Music, local food vendors, acrobats and street performers are often spotted walking around or preparing their shows nearby. At this place, you will have an hour to walk around.

On the way to the San Telmo market, you will make several stops around the city to see the contrast between the south and the north of Buenos Aires. You can visit the surroundings of the ecological reserve, where you can taste a delicious “choripan” (local specialty) while taking some free time to stroll around the Costanera Sur flea market.

The tour will end at the “San Telmo Market”. San Telmo has the most classic, old school atmosphere in Buenos Aires. The cobblestone streets, old lanterns, century-old buildings are what is generally offered and what many people expect to see in Buenos Aires. This market focuses on antiques, especially in Plaza Dorrego and the shops that line Defensa. We meet street artists, tango dancers and hundreds of street vendors. Street food such as empanadas and cheese-stuffed breads are purchased here, and handmade items as well as the art section of the lounge are regular features. You will have an hour break to walk around. It is recommended to take a look at the Sifón de Soda (old fashioned soda water dispenser), the Pinguino pitcher for wine and the handcrafted gaucho cutlery.

This excursion is a great way to get to know the city and enjoy its two main attractions on the same day.

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