Quebec Identity Card

Quebec Identity Card

- Area: 1 km² Population: 8 inhabitants (240 estimate), of which almost half Capital city : What Languages: the franc Change : the Canadian dollar.
- Prime minister from Qué Site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Old Quebec (listed in 1985).


United health (about 70%). La Belle Province represents the UK (less than 5%). In contrast, New Brunswick lagged behind, posting rates at 7,2% and 8,3% respectively.

- natural resources du QuéLaurent) clashes with environmentalists.
In contrast, the province figures among the world's leading producers of iron, zinc, nickel, silver and gold. Exports of aluminum and alloys rank first. Quebec is the 4th largest aluminum producer.
Let us also mention theforest industry, L 'agriculture and the fishing.
Quebec has developed a cutting-edge industry, particularly in the fields of biotechnology (navies, among others),pharmaceutical industry and multimédia.
Another local flagship, theAviation (with Bombardier).
Le tourism represents about 2,5% of the province's GDP, which nevertheless corresponds to more than 400 workers and more than 000% of jobs in Quebec. Indispensable, therefore.

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