Quebec cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Quebec cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Traditional Quebec cuisine

- Breakfast ("Lunch" in Quebecois) : very generous, it is readily taken outside (at least for those who do not stay in a gîte). Like the American breakfast, this is a real meal, with a wide variety of dishes. The eggs first, fried, scrambled, omelet, etc., served with buttered toast (we say " roasted ”) And potatoes, bacon and sausage. In the genre, the best are the eggs benedict, poached eggs, lying on a toasted round bun and topped with hollandaise sauce, most often with grilled ham or smoked salmon.
 In Quebec, many establishments honor the local products, such as Charlevoix cheeses, or the famous blueberry crêpes (when it's in season).

- Poutine foods, poutine-burger!
La Acadian poutine is a different version: the raw potato is grated, then left to drain and cooked. The resulting dough is added with mashed potato, shaped into a ball and stuffed with bacon or pork. There is still a sweet recipe, a kind of donut stuffed with fruit (often cranberries): poutine with holes! A little heavy, to be honest.

- Popular North American Cuisine citizen chain foods that you have to go, but in real restaurants and pubs, which serve excellent tender and fresh meats. One downside, however: the law imposing strict cooking on restaurateurs for minced steaks, blue meat lovers will be disappointed. It is always served medium (to point).

Mêcroûmarins (American submarines), soft bread sandwiches usually topped with all kinds of stuff.

- Traditional specialties: tourtière, made from different meats and sometimes game. The beans with bacon, les soupes of vegetables, broad beans (beans), clams (in chowder), fish (with pieces of fish and seafood), even Gaspésienne quiaude, with the addition of bacon ... They are often found in a table d'hôtes formula the evening. The greaves (the equivalent of our rillettes), or the cretonnade (based on veal or poultry), the Chinese dough, a sort of Parmentier mince to which corn is added. The origin of the name corresponds to a historical reality: it is the dish that gave the most energy to the many Asian workers who built the famous “Trans-Canada” railway line.

Quebec cuisine today

No more, in these creative and lighter dishes, products such as boreal spices, rare berries, wild blueberries, or native herbs ... Generally, these establishments - very popular and trendy - tend to favor the formula of small plates to share.

La fusion cuisine, appeared on the salsa and Mediterranean and / or Asian notes.

La organic, vegetarian cuisine et vegan is also widespread and much more imaginative than in Europe. We want to eat well but we only want fresh, healthy and local foods: above all, no “junk food”! The option gluten free is almost always on the menu in these trendy and trendy restaurants.

Ethnic cuisines: not to be confused with fusion cuisine. Here, the culinary identity of each culture remains intact, no crossbreeding with other cuisines! Cities like Montreal and Toronto are full of ethnic restaurants. You can feast on Mexican fajitas as well as Japanese yakitoris, or even Ethiopian wat!

A Jewish specialty from Eastern Europe, successfully established in Montreal since the end of the XNUMXth century, the bagel is a perfect example of the classic "ethnic". This ring-shaped bun with a compact crumb (soft on the inside, crispy on the outside) is served either simply spread with fresh cheese or topped with good little things, sweet or savory. The flour must be carefully selected and processed according to Jewish dietary rules.


- The fish also tops the list of traditional cuisine. Salmon mainly.

- The sea ​​food are not lacking either. The North as well as in the Gaspé and the Magdalen Islands).

Desserts and sweets

- Crepespancakes et French toast (French toast), to top with maple syrup. The whole is usually accompanied by fresh fruit. In most restaurants serving breakfast (some only do that), coffee, served at will, is included with the dish.

- Desserts: taste the sugar Pie, la pecan pie (pecan nuts), carrot cake and blueberries pie (sort of blueberries) in season. English speakers also make excellent pies, cobblers (between the cake and the fruit gratin) and crisps : fruit sprinkled with a mixture of baked oatmeal and brown sugar (what we call crumbles). In Montreal and the surrounding area, taste the unemployed pouding (cake made from flour, brown sugar and water). We finally find the soft ice cream, to dip in chocolate and multicolored syrups ...

- The draw there, well imitated by the adults!


Beware of differences in vocabulary.

  • Beverage means a hot or cold, non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Drink means alcoholic drink only.
  • Liquor applies to carbonated drinks.


The wines are $ 50. On the other hand, a lot of $ 15 (or more for rare wines).
Some restaurants do not have a license to sell alcohol and allow you to come with your own bottle, especially in Montreal! The mention the reference " Bring your own wine »Is then affixed to the window. The advantage is that the final addition will be significantly lighter. If you want to buy a bottle, you will most often have to go to the stores of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). This provincially owned company has long had a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. Even if bottles are now found in "convenience stores", the choice remains terribly limited.

To find less decaving alternatives, where it is possible to buy bottles on condition that you have eaten a little odds and ends.

- Quebec wines are no longer just a sympathetic curiosity. Moreover, the government made them enter the big leagues in 2018 by recognizing theIGP (Protected Geographical Indication) "Vin du Québec", guaranteeing their quality and compliance with strict specifications throughout production! Despite everything, few restaurants serve it, it's a shame.

Craft Beers

Quebec is a big producer of beer. The Molson Canadian it shares the largest market share with Labatt Blue.

However, if you are a beer lover, it is not these huge breweries that will grab your attention, but the microbreweries communities, which are more than ever on the rise and have multiplied across the country.

Since all, low in alcohol and refreshing.
- Ale as for them (easy!), are high fermentation beers whose alcohol content is generally higher. A rather vague term ultimately, which encompasses a wide range ranging from Pale ale, a term used to refer to beers brewed with clear malts and which generally give amber beers, with Indian Pale Ale (or IPA).

Ales are nowadays very popular beers for their high alcohol content, their little bitterness and their beautiful orange color. Very trendy among hipsters.

Finally, to close the shutter, let us also quote the Porter, English beers with high fermentation, which gave birth to the Stout, caramelized beers, almost black, that true amateurs drink almost hot in order to better reveal the aromas.
And for a final reminder, the abbey beers, drinkable and sweet beers despite their high alcohol content in general. Foams originally made by monks, mainly in Belgium. In all cases, the characteristics of the beers (fruity, bitter, sweet ...) are often described on the menu.


If the traditional American-style sock juice is still very present, coffee shops and other artisanal micro-roasters a nothing trendy are common in town, offering a whole range of coffees made with quality beans: filter coffee, express, Cappuccino (espresso and light milk foam on it), XNUMX cups milk (thicker milk froth). We stop there at any time to sip our coffee, accompanied by a muffin, a scone, a portion of brownie ...


Le clamato is an astonishing tomato juice spiced up with clam broth (of which you can hardly feel the taste) and spices, which is mainly used in the composition of Caesar, Canadian cousin of Bloody Mary.

Le blueberry wine (cousin of our blueberry) tastes vaguely of port.

Le caribou is a dazzling blend of strong alcohol and wine, sometimes elongated with maple syrup.

Quebec also produces honey or elderberry wines (we even tasted strawberry wine!), ice ciders...


Bars are prohibited at least 18 years old, so impossible to go have a drink and bring your children with you. Usually you will still be allowed to sit outside if there is a patio, but this is not guaranteed.

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