Qatar Transport

Qatar Transport


Qatar is a hub for air traffic for a few days en route to another destination.

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Qatar Airways flights to other Gulf countries, on the other hand, are proportionately expensive. There € 70 one way to Dubai.

Inaugurated free, more than 30 restaurants and caféville (Corniche, then West Bay hotels).


The old ferry connecting Qatar to Bahrain has been suspended for several years, pending the construction of a bridge, announced for 2022.


The local buses, introduced only in 2005, are comfortable, air-conditioned Khor (line n ° 45 min… even 2 or 3 hours on some lines!

Pink in color, the West Bay Shuttle serves the main points of interest in the “center” of Doha on two lines: the red runs along the Corniche from the outskirts of the general post office (to the south) to West Bay and the hotel W (north); the blue circulates on a parallel axis in the interior. Free, it runs every 15 minutes.

  • Mowasalat
  • Phone. : 4436 6053 (timetable help line)


As part of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has launched a major project to build a metro (inauguration scheduled for 2019). It should have 100 stations and will serve in particular the international airport.

  • Qatar Rail

Rental car

To explore the country a little and not succumb to the mushroom and the horn ...

In Doha, traffic jams are more and more frequent. On the other hand, as soon as you leave the city to the west, you quickly find yourself alone in the middle of the desert.

The speed limit is 60-80 km / h in inhabited areas, however wandering camels (especially at night) and very hot weather which can go as far as bursting the tires!

You may want to have enough water and provisions on board, and take your mobile phone to call for help if needed.

Otherwise, be careful, the foreign exchange rate or not. It is also forbidden to use your cell phone while driving and it is compulsory to fasten your seat belt at the front.

In the event of an accident, even a minor one, it is imperative to remain on site while waiting for the arrival of the police (tel .: 999). In the event of bodily injury, do not move the damaged vehicle, even if it obstructs traffic; the people involved are then generally placed in police custody pending the police report.

Finally, good news: gasoline is almost cheap: around € 0,30 per liter!


Those who do not rent a car usually use taxis (karwa), turquoise like the buses (they belong to the same company). They have a meter and their prices are very affordable: 4 QR support and 1,2 QR / km. The only problem: many are newcomers and do not yet know the city well… You can try to catch them on the fly, but you will have more chances at the stations located in front of the shopping centers.

To call a taxi (supplement 4 QR), call: 4458 8888.

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