Qatar identity card

Qatar identity card

- Area: 11 586 km² Population ci globally increased Religion: two thirds of the population are Muslims, 14% are Hindus, 14% chréconservateurs) dominate despite Capital  Change : Qatari rial or Qatari rial.
- British Indecolony).

- Prime Minister are appointed É Institutions and politics: l & rsquoChoura is composed of 15 members appointed by the Emir. Their role for the time being is exclusively to contribute to the orientation of the policy. The constitution adopted by referendum in 2003 created a legislative assembly made up of 15 members of the Majlis and 30 deputies elected by universal suffrage.

- Site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the archaeological site of Al Zubarah (inscribed in 2013).


With the world's 3rd largest reserves of natural gas, Qatar is also the 1st oil producer. Today it is the country with one of the highest GDP per capita in the world (around $ 60 in 000).

While oil and gas still represent the overwhelming majority of exports and a large portion of government revenues, the growing importance of construction, finance and industry is noted. The many constructions undertaken as part of the future 2022 FIFA World Cup have contributed to the development of infrastructure on a large scale.
Since 2010 however, the growth dried up, going from 20% in 2010 to 1,6% in 2017.

La foreign trade balance is largely in surplus (nearly 14% in 2017), as well as the budget. Unemployment is virtually non-existent (0,1% in 2019).

Result: Qatar invests in all directions abroad through a sovereign fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, and its subsidiaries, as well as private funds.

Human rights 

An absolute monarchy, Qatar does not shine with its freedom of expression or remarkable fairness in terms of justice. Amnesty International cites the case of this young poet, Mohammed al Ajami, sentenced to 15 years in prison for having recited in a private circle (and in Cairo, in addition) one of his texts, considered critical of the family leader!

Women are particularly born dead because of the deplorable working conditions during the construction of the stadium for the 2022 World Cup. More generally, abuses are very frequent: passports withheld, wages not paid, etc.

A timid awakening seems to be emerging in the country, yet the much maligned sponsorship law (which prevents leaving Qatar without the consent of his "sponsor") has still not been abolished, unlike many other Gulf countries.

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