Private Food Tour of São Paulo

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Learn about Brazil's food culture as you explore some of São Paulo's biggest markets on a XNUMX-hour private tour with an informative guide.

Find every type of foodie your palate desires as you stroll through the famous São Paulo Municipal Market as well as a typical market. Savor a feast for the senses as you browse through an array of tropical fruits, and your guide will shed light on the gastronomic secrets of some of Brazil's favorite dishes!

Meet your guide upon pickup from your hotel and begin your food tour of São Paulo by private vehicle. First, visit the São Paulo Municipal Market, known simply as Mercadão, one of the city's most traditional food markets since it opened in 1933.

The Mercadão, built in an eclectic industrial architectural style, features stunning stained glass windows by Sorgenicht Conrad Filho, famous for his works in over 300 Brazilian cathedrals. Follow your guides to ancient stalls filled with a wide variety of foods, from fresh produce to meat, poultry, seafood, sweets and spices of all kinds.

Along the way, take in the sights, smells, and tastes of foods like the various fruits produced in different regions like the Amazon and northeast Brazil. Head to the market's food hall to sample savory dishes, like lanche de mortadela (Bologna sandwich), and learn about the ingredients used to make feijoada, Brazil's most famous bean and meat dish.

Afterwards, your guide will take you to a feira or street market, a popular pastime for Brazilians. These typical old markets that exist throughout the city offer fresh and quality fish, seafood and tropical fruits at great prices. Before returning to your hotel by private vehicle, stroll through the market and enjoy the bustling atmosphere as you watch the vendors shout for their customers!

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