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The name Primosten was given to the city in 1540, when this tiny piece of island was connected to the coast by a bridge. A little gem, Primosten can be seen from afar when you walk along the road that runs along this stretch of coast from Trogir to Sibenik. If parking is not easy to find in high season, the small streets of Primosten will offer you their charms made of small stone houses with dark tiles and wild flowers slipping between two slabs.

Walking around Primosten means having the sea and the offshore islands almost permanently in your sights. Everything, from walks, sports fields to the cemetery, is oriented towards a sea that is present daily in the life of this charming village. The small restaurants are charming, numerous and their often interesting terraces are an invitation to a gourmet stroll which can be extended by a sea bath or a rakija, as desired!

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Due to its geographical position roughly halfway between Split and Sibenik, Primosten is an ideal stopover if you decide to stroll along the Dalmatian coast. In addition to a privileged position on the sea, the village offers in its vicinity a good number of sites worthy of interest. Don't hesitate to explore Krusevo where you can admire the all-too-rare bogomile tombstones, the Catholic heresy pending from the Cathar movement in our south-west of France, or walk the 4 kilometers that separate you from Prhovo and its medieval church of Saint-Georges renovated in 1724. In Primosten, maritime and gastronomic leisure can easily be combined with cultural discovery!


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