Practical life Romania

Practical life Romania

Time difference

When it is 12 p.m. in France, it is 13 p.m. in Romania, all year round.


The national language is Romanian. It is the mother tongue over 85% of the population. In parts of Transylvania or Crişana, you will hear the Hungarian (the main language for more than 6% of the population) or - more rarely - a German dialect close to the Luxembourgish dialect.
In Bucovina, it is not uncommon to hear a Ruthenian dialect (close to Ukrainian), Polish, old russian, In theArmenian and even Yiddish. In Banat, we also hear Serbian.
And almost everywhere, part of the Roma have kept their language: romanes. Close to Sanskrit, which confirms, if need be, the Indian origin of the Roma, this language is divided between several dialects specific to well-defined communities.

Romanian is a Latin language. Even today, in its current form, we find certain expressions of Spanish or Gallic origin. As for the Romance terms, they abound. To this ancient linguistic base are added many Slavic, Hungarian, Gypsy, Greek and Turkish words.

In short, Romanian is a hybrid language, with mixed and varied origins, with Latin and pleasant musical sounds. For a francophone, it gives off good vibes and invites familiarity.

It is also surprising to note the unity of this language across the country. There are certainly local accents and some regionalisms which do not call into question the unity of the language. Barely a few particularities of vocabulary and accent distinguish the Romanian of Oltenia from that of Baia Mare.


- From France to Romania: 00 + 40 + dice code From Romania to France: 00 + 33 + the number Internal calls: it is now essential to dial the entire 10-digit number, including the old codes, even from town to town.

- European emergency number (EU): 112.

Mobile phones in Romania

Since June 2017, a European traveler with a package in his country of origin can use his mobile phone at the national rate in the 28 countries of the European Union, without fear of seeing its bill skyrocket. Ceilings are nevertheless set by the operators to avoid excess ...

This advantageous agreement signed between the EU and its telecom operators also concerns the consumption of 3G or 4G internet data, the usable volume of which at no extra cost depends on the price of the national package (inquire). In addition, if the traveler resides several months outside his country, fees may be levied ...

In these countries, therefore, no need to buy a local SIM card to reduce costs. And good surprise, Romania is one of the best performing countries in terms of 4G.

  • More info on the mobile phone while traveling.

Internet connection in Romania

In Romania, more and more accommodation (even pensions and homestays), restaurants and bars have free wifi. Better than the 3G and 4G connection which can entail costs in intensive use, wifi also makes it possible to benefit from a sometimes higher speed.

Once connected to wifi, you have access to all the services of the Internet telephony. WhatsApp, Messenger (Facebook's messaging system), Viber, Skype, allow you to call, send messages, photos and videos to the four corners of the world, free of charge.
You just have to download - for free - one of these apps on your smartphone. It automatically detects those who use the same app in your contact list.

Attention hacking!

Public wifi has become a real strainer! The only truly reliable solution is to only visit "certified" sites. They start with "https: //" and often display a small padlock next to the address.

Finally, if you use a self-service computer, avoid entering your password or any sensitive information as much as possible!

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