Practical life on site Scotland

Practical life on site Scotland

Time difference

Summer and winter, it is necessary subtract an hour compared to France, Belgium or Switzerland. When it is 12 noon in Paris (Brussels and Geneva), it is 11 am in Edinburgh.

Uni would then be modified.


Voltage: 240 V (no risk for the equipment). The sockets have 3 rectangular pins. Adapters mandatory and easy to find at stations, airports or ferries. Otherwise, in most general stores, including Boots.

Note that there is almost always a 2-pin socket (intended for razors) on the bathroom strips, handy for recharging your laptop!

Do not forget to turn on the socket switch.


In small towns and villages, the post office is increasingly run by grocery stores or newsagents. Most have their own opening hours. In town, the post office makes the change, but the rate is mediocre.

The stamps (stamps) s & rsquoservice. For the 4 days for France.


- From France to Great Britain: 00 + 44 + code " From Great Britain to France: 00 + 33 + number Internal calls: enter the area code preceded by 0.

- European emergency number (EU): 112.

The old iconic red cabins have been largely replaced by modern gray cabins which, in turn, are disappearing. Everything scampers off...

Mobile phones in Scotland

With Brexit will it still be possible for any European traveler at the national rate (including 3G and 4G)? This accord advantageous agreement signed in 2017 between the EU and its telecom operators will be called into question if the country leaves without an agreement.

Inquire before departure from your operator. And in this case, it may be interesting to buy a local SIM card to reduce the costs.

Internet telephony

In Scotland, most hotels, restaurants, bars, and even some public areas have free wifi. Better than the 3G and 4G connection which can entail costs in intensive use, the wifi makes it possible to benefit from a sometimes higher speed.

Once connected to wifi, you have access to all the services of the Internet telephony. WhatsApp, Messenger (Facebook's messaging system), Viber, Skype allow you to call, send messages, photos and videos to the 4 corners of the planet, free of charge.


Wifi available almost everywhere, even in campsites. As a result, we do not re-specify it for each address.

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