Practical life on site Samoa

Practical life on site Samoa


Reflecting the very religious character of the Samoans, the sale of alcohol is prohibited on Sundays (consumption is still possible in restaurants and bars).


230 V, 50 Hz. The plugs are the same, with three flat pins, the lower two of which are inclined. Consider bringing a adapter, you might otherwise not find it there.

Time difference

Very close to the date line, New Zealand and Australian Samoa. They now have, depending on the period, 12h to 13h in advance over continental Western Europe.
When it is 9 a.m. in Paris, it is 21 p.m. the same day in July and 22 p.m. in December.

On the other hand, if you plan to go there when you book ferry and / or plane!

Business hours

Stores and offices open ge 12:30 p.m.) for the first ones. Banks, they open on weekdays between 8:30 am and 9:30 am to close between 15:30 pm and 17 pm depending on the brand, the day and the branch; some also operate on Saturday mornings.


Most Samoans speak (rather well)English, but don't expect to meet one who speaks French or another European language.

Samoan is a Polynesian language, many words give the impression of being alike! Some names are very short, others on the contrary interminable, the vowels are omnipresent and often underlined by a macron, a horizontal bar which indicates a long pronunciation.
Added to this is the difficulty in pronouncing the "occlusive glottalus" - as linguists say - denoted in words by a sort of apostrophe and which effectively separates two vowels with a "glottis stroke". Some see it as a letter in its own right, others as a simple diacritic mark (which are also accents and umlauts). In short, you have not left the hostel (sorry, fale'aiga) if you want to stick to Samoan.

A few words will however be successful:

- Hello, welcome Bye S & rsquo Thank you Yes No: Leai.


Why ? Samoans are not people of money. The only requests of this type might be at tourist sites like the Alofaaga Blowholes.


Samoans are welcoming but reserved and, like most islanders in Pacific countries, observe a variety of codes of decorum that they will greatly appreciate to see you respect. 

- First shirt and a lavalava (sarong). Nudism is at 19 p.m.). 

- If you get over quickly if some elders already are. Fold your feet under the buttocks and do not stretch your legs in the direction of anyone.

- All land, particularly coastal land, being considered here as the property of a family or a village, permission must always be requested to go to the nearest dwellings. Regularly, you will be asked to pay a small right of passage or visit.


- From abroad to Samoa: 685.

The islands of Upolu and Savai'i are almost entirely covered by the mobile telephone network. Two companies offer their services in the archipelago: Bluesky Samoa and Digicel. The 4G is available. If you need to use your European mobile, it is better to have it unlocked and buy a local SIM card (at Apia or at the airport), roaming charges can be astronomical.


Internet and Wireless are ge20 ST $ per hour).

Good news: in early 2018, the cable was to arrive in the archipelago, greatly facilitating communications.

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