Practical life on site Quebec

Practical life on site Quebec

Time difference

When it is 18 p.m. in France, it is 12 p.m. in Quebec; so 6h.


If your device is American (110 V) are 2 flat pins. So you will need a adapter.
If you forget, you can get one at airports, at the reception of most hotels or at an electronics store.
Caution : if you buy an electronic device on site, plan to also buy the appropriate adapter for use once at home ...


Since 1977, le françend "mail" in "chair" (rocking chair) ...

This can give literal translations that we do not always understand at first glance, like the typical “welcome” instead of the English “you're welcome” (“please”).

And then there is these expressions and these English words which have been francized : "Cancel" (cancel), "apply" (apply), "c'est engaged" (it's busy), "fall in love" ("fall in love"), "take a walk" ("take a walk ”) and many others ... No“ shopping ”here, but“ shopping ”!

Also note: the professions are all female. We have always talked about an author, a writer, a mayor.

A little structural remark, to conclude: you will often hear questions that make a retu use? »You? »You? "

Do not try to use these terms with imitation of the accent (in general, Quebecers hate it!), Nor to swear by using their expressions (like the famous “tabernacle”!).

Acadians have their own French, different from Quebec in its accent, in certain aspects of its vocabulary and often very inspired by English.

One last thing ... don't say you've been playing with your kids all morning (“balls” in Quebec)!


In large cities in Quebec, post offices are often out of the way, but there are postal counters in large pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. These "mini-stations" offer all the services, so no need to look elsewhere.
Horribly expensive postage for Europe: $ 2,65 (plus $ 0,39 in taxes!) for a card or letter weighing up to 30 g.

Tobacco and cannabis

It is strictly no smoking in public buildings and even within a radius of 9 m around the doors and windows of the building concerned! This also applies to means of transport, restaurants, bars, clubs, sports fields ... and even on the terraces!
Do not think about chomping with your electronic cigarette, its use is subject to the same law.
In addition, cigarettes are more expensive than in France ...

In addition, on October 17, 2018 saw legalizing the use and cultivation of cannabis for recreational purposes.


Long distance and international calls

  From France to Canada:  From Canada to France: 011 + 33 + correspondent's number (without the initial 0).

Local calls

- The numbers 800, 1-855, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888. These numbers do not work from Europe.

- Avoid calling from landlines in hotels, which almost always practice prohibitive tariffs. And it often happens that a telephone call is billed even if the call did not succeed!

The mobile phone in Quebec

You can use your own band or quad band (only 3G / 4G mobiles work in North America).

- Roaming or roaming: it is a system of international agreements between operators. Concretely, this means that when you arrive in a country, the new local network is automatically displayed.
You quickly receive an SMS from your operator offering a travelers pack more or less advantageous, including a limited rate for telephone consumption and Internet connection.

- Packages evous from your operator.

- Buy a SIM card on site: an advantageous option for certain destinations. You just need to buy a prepaid local SIM card on arrival from one of the many operators (Bell, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Rogers ... for example): in telephone shops rather than at the airport where it is often a little more expensive.
You are then assigned a local telephone number, a small communication credit and 4G (from $ 30 for the "special tourist" package generally valid for 3 weeks).
Please note, you can no longer be reached on your usual number but only on this new number (unless you have a dual SIM phone, of course).

  • View the file on the mobile phone while traveling.

Internet connection in Quebec

Internet telephony

- Connect to wifi in Canada is the only way to access the Web if you do not have a free roaming phone plan.

It is important to deactivate the "mobile data" connection. You can also put the laptop in "Airplane" mode and then activate the wifi. Attention, the "Airplane" mode prevents, on the other hand, from receiving calls and SMS.

In Canada, most hotels, restaurants, bars and even some museums and public spaces have a free network.

- Once connected to wifi, you have access to all the services of the Internet telephony, like WhatsApp, Messenger (Facebook's messaging system), Viber, Telegram, Imo, Wechat and Skype.


Wifi available for free almost everywhere (hotels, B & B, AJ, cafes, bars, restaurants, museums, tourist offices ...).

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