Practical life in Australia

Practical life in Australia

Time difference

Australia is divided into 3 time zones:

  • Australian Western Standard Time or AWST (UTC + 08:00) for Western;
  • Australian Central Standard Time or ACST (UTC + 09:30) for the Northern Territory and South;
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time or AEST (UTC + 10:00) for eastern states, as well as Tasmania.

To know : some states do not apply the time change. This concerns the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland. In addition, all the States do not change the time on the same date ... In short, it's a bit of a mess!

When switching to summer time, between the 1st Sunday in October and the 1st Sunday in April, there are no longer 3 time zones that apply in the territory, but 5.
Concretely, during this period, when it is 10 a.m. in Paris, it is 19:30 p.m. in Adelaide, 20 p.m. in Sydney and Melbourne.


The outlets are supplied with 240 V, a voltage almost identical to France. The sockets are 3 flat plugs, hence the need for a adapter. They are easily found in souvenir shops and hostels.

Tobacco and electronic cigarette 

there is No smoking in closed public places (even outdoors, less than 3 m from their entrance), public transport and indoor workplaces. 

As for cigarettes: prohibited in non-smoking areas, prohibited at least 18 years old, not displayed in points of sale ... In the event of an offense, vaping in unauthorized public places, you will receive a fine of € 463 ( $ 550). 


English is, of course, the official language and the most spoken language in Australia, but you will regularly hear Italian, Chinese or Greek in the arteries of the big cities, multiculturalism obliges.

As to aboriginal languages, they numbered several hundred before the arrival of the colonists, but the speakers are reduced day by day. We speak of pamanyungan to group the remaining languages. Some are still reserved for initiates today ...

Australian accent

Here, with a little practice and immersion, let's get used to it!

The sounds in "i / -y, as in" oi / -oy, thus becoming "er by -a," ing which becomes -in, "boxing" or "fi shing" becoming "boxin" and "fi shin". Finally, know that the accent increases in proportion to your distance from large cities.  


The Australian Post (Auspost) takes a maximum of ten days to send a mail to Europe. Offices are generally open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Good to know: you can use the poste restante for your administrative papers if you need a fixed address. A service that costs less than ten dollars per week.

Otherwise, the price of a postage to send a postcard from Australia to France is $ 3.

And to return your superfluous belongings to France, do not hesitate to go through the boat option. They will take (much) longer to arrive, but the prices are interesting: $ 180 for a 20 kg parcel against $ 350 by plane! Count all the same a few months by sea against 2 weeks by air.


National communications

- The landline numbers Australian have 10 digits. The first 2, always starting with a zero, are used to identify the type of service used:

  • 02 is the area code for New South Wales and ACT;
  • 03 for Victoria and Tasmania;
  • 07 for Queensland;
  • 08 for Western Me.

The next 4 digits are used for XXXX-XXXX.

- The numberXX-XXX-XXX. 

  • National emergency number: 000.
  • information: 1223.

- To call a cell phone from a landline or another cell phone, dial the entire number (with the code 04).

- To call a landline from the same State, it is possible to dial the number without the area code.

- The number 300 or 1-800.

- Three telephone operators share the market in Australia: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. The cities are very well covered, unlike the small corners of the outback or the bush. Telstra would have the most extensive network, a significant argument when going on a road trip.

International communications

- From France to Australia: 00 + 61 (code of l & rsquoXXXX-XXXX.

- To call a cell phone in Australia from XXXX-XXXX).

- From Australia to France: 00 + 11 + 33 (code for France) + correspondent's number without the 0.

- To call abroad, choose the prepaid cards to be used from a landline, the most economical solution. They are on sale in press, post and tobacco offices, under various names: Kangaroo Phone Card, Bubble or Honest Everywhere. In this sector, it is the price war! Cheap ones, however, are less reliable in terms of connection.

- Collect calls: 12550.

Mobile phones in Australia

You can use your own tévous with your operator on the conditions of use of your mobile abroad. Some operators, like Free, allow you to make free calls and surf the Internet in the country.

- To you from your operator.

- Roaming or roaming: it is a system of international agreements between operators.

- Packages evous from your operator.

- Prices : they are specific to each operator and vary depending on the country (the globe is divided into several tariff zones). Remember that internationally, you are billed for both outgoing and incoming calls, ditto for texting. So when someone calls you overseas, you pay too. Be brief!

- Band or quad band is required from your carrier.

- Buying a SIM card on site is compatible. Then, cards to top up your communication credit can be easily bought in stores.

  • More info on the mobile phone while traveling.

Internet connection in Australia

- Connect to wifi abroad is the only way to have free access to the Web if you do not have a free roaming package.

The wisest is to deactivate the "data abroad" connection (in "Cellular network"). You can also put the laptop in "Airplane" mode and then activate the wifi. Note that the "Airplane" mode prevents, on the other hand, from receiving calls and messages.

More and more hotels, restaurants, bars and even certain public spaces have a network, most often free of charge.

- Once connected to wifi, you have access to all the services of the Internet telephony. WhatsApp, Messenger (Facebook's messaging system), Viber, Skype allow you to call, send messages, photos and videos to all corners of the planet, free of charge.


Wifi is widely used in Australia and today, especially in all major cities, there are many free wifi hotspots. This is also the case in bars, hotels and restaurants, but which sometimes charge for the connection. Moreover, the quality of the connection is not always very good...
In fact, the favorite drop-off point for backpackers to connect for free is the public Library. WiFi access is limited in the amount of data transferred, but allows you to surf and reach family and friends by email or Skype, within reason. And if you are not equipped, positions are generally available after registration.

During a road trip (understand in the middle of the countryside), solutions become rarer and,, where the connection is unlimited!

Finally, in cities with a high frequentation of backpackers, travel agencies often have free access positions, after registration on the list. It can help.

Hacking public wifis

Public wifi has become a real strainer! It has become very easy to break into a network.

The only truly reliable response is to only visit "certified" sites. They start with "https: //" and often display a small padlock next to the address. In this case, your transmissions are encrypted and therefore secure. The most sensitive and popular sites, like those of banks, all have a certified connection.

Finally, if you use a self-service computer, avoid, as far as possible, entering your password or any sensitive information! A phenomenal number of these stations are infected with "keyloggers", which can pass your data on to a malicious recipient.

And if despite everything, you use these stations, think about it disconnect and not to click on the option "save my password". 

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