Practical life England

Practical life England

Time difference

- 1h.


The current is 240 V. The outlets are larger and have fuses. Adapters easy to find in train stations, airports or on the boat during the crossing. Otherwise, in most general stores, including Boots. Note that the English sockets have switches.


- The shops are generally open every day until 17 p.m. (including Saturdays and sometimes Sundays in tourist areas), often 30 p.m., 19 p.m. (or even more) for small grocery stores. Supermarkets close around 22 or 22 p.m., more and more often at midnight and often open on Sundays. Some are even open 23 hours a day!

- 9 am to 18 pm, and Saturday until 13 pm. Closed Sundays.

- The end, except some big banks which open on Saturday morning.


More and more post offices are now hosted by neighborhood mini-markets, including in large cities.


It is no smoking in public places, but not on the terrace. Smoking a cigarette in a pub, restaurant, private club or office is punishable by a fine of £ 50


- Brittany: Brittany towards La France : 00 + 33 + 9-digit correspondent's number, whether for a landline or a mobile (do not dial the initial 0).

Internal calls : to call from one place to another within the country, you must first dial the area code preceded by 0 (zero), then the number of the interlocutor. Codes do not have a fixed number of digits (0117 for Bristol, 01904 for York). We indicate them in our pages, in particular in the introduction of the city. Good to know: phone numbers are spelled digit by digit, and the zero is pronounced like the letter "o". Thus, 20 will say "two o" and not "twenty".

European emergency number (EU): 112.

The mobile phone in England

Since 2017, a European traveler, Unless the Brexit negotiations change the situation. 
Ceilings are nevertheless set by the operators to avoid excess ... 
This advantageous agreement signed between the EU and its telecom operators also concerns the consumption of 3G or 4G Internet data, whose usable volume without additional cost depends on the price of the national package (inquire). In these countries therefore, there is no need to buy a local SIM card to reduce costs.

Internet connection in England

In Great Britain, most hotels, restaurants, bars and even some public spaces have free wifi. Better than the 3G and 4G connection which can incur costs in intensive use, wifi also allows to enjoy a sometimes higher speed

Once connected to wifi, you have access to all the services of the Internet telephony. WhatsApp, Messenger (Facebook's messaging system), Viber, Skype allow you to call, send messages, photos and videos to the four corners of the world, free of charge.

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