Practical information and useful contacts Vancouver

Practical information and useful contacts Vancouver

Tourist information

- Tourism Vancouver Visitor Center : Waterfront Center, Plaza Level, 200 683-2000. Every day 9 am-17pm. Lots of self-service docs on the city and surrounding area. For more specific information, take a ticket to contact the multilingual staff: hotel reservations at sometimes discounted rates (hostels included) and bus tickets.

Entry formalities

- Individual passport valid 1 day after the date scheduled for your departure from Canada and for everyone, including children.

- Obligation to pre-United), to fraudulent sites, which we come across very easily by googling the words "AVE Canada", which are much more expensive ...

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Money and change

Currency exchange offices are plentiful, but you have to compare the rates. Here is a serious and competitive agency:

  • VBCE: 800 W Pender Street. Monday to Friday 8:30 am-17pm.
  • Other branch at 2576 Granville Street 17 p.m. (16 p.m. Saturday).
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Vancouver enjoys a mild and humid microclimate. It rains there a lot in winter, less in summer. But the fog banks of Vancouver Island are famous ... There is rarely a great heat in the area.

Time difference

9 hours difference between France and Vancouver. When it's 21 p.m. in Paris, it's 12 p.m. in Vancouver.

Health and security

- Emergency room : 911.

- Ultima Medicentre : Plaza Level, 1055 17 p.m.
Center mévous.

- Saint Paul & rsquo682-2344. In the center, emergencies 24 hours a day.

- Pharmacies: few traditional pharmacies but drugstores.

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