Practical information and useful contacts Seville

Practical information and useful contacts Seville

Tourist information

- Turismo de Sevilla & ndash47-12-32. Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 19:30 p.m., weekends and holidays 14 p.m.
Housed in a large modern building by the river. All the information you need to visit the city: accommodation, map of Tussam urban buses, timetables for buses and trains to leave Seville or explore the surroundings. List of official guides if you want to take a city tour. Detailed map of the city, very well done and free. French speaking staff.
Ask for El Giraldillo, a free and precious monthly giving information, in Spanish, on shows, exhibitions, bullfights, museums, flamenco, etc. Less complete but also free, The Tourist.

- Oficina de turismo de Sevilla: plaza del Triunfo, 1-3 78-75-78. Every day 9 a.m. (9:30 a.m. weekends and holidays 19:30 p.m.

The tourist office of the province of Seville. Less well supplied than the previous one.

- Ends from 9:30 a.m. to 15 p.m.).

- Organizations offer guided tours (some in French) of the city or monuments.

Budget in Seville


- Very From cheap 80 & euro Average prices at 125 & euro From chic to € 170.


- Cheap Average prices at 35 & euro Classier : more than 30-35 €.

  • See also the budget in Andalusia

Seville free

Some sites are free every day for European Arts nationals, museum at 18 p.m. on midday for the Alcázar, etc.).
Finally, students under 26, the unemployed and people over 65 often benefit from substantial reductions, and this for most sites, on condition that proof is presented (note that French student cards are sometimes accepted, sometimes not : it's double or quits).

Reminder: for major sites, booking in advance on their websites is more than recommended.

Climate and Weather

In Seville, the climate is characterized by rather cool winters, dry and prolonged summers (from May to October) and very sunny.

The most favorable travel times to explore Seville are the spring orfall. We enjoy pleasant temperatures, without the crowds. In spring, pay attention to the dates of festivals (Holy Week) and fairs (see the cultural agenda of Seville.

  • More info on the climate and weather in Andalusia.

Health and security

Delinquency is a reality, but it is not a reason to sink into paranoid! Lock your car with the key, park it in a guarded car park, leave nothing in evidence, remove the rear shelf to show that there is nothing in the trunk, unhook your GPS, avoid showing your smartphone, so many common sense precautions ...

In hotels, but also in bars, restaurants, taxis, there is a book of complaints (el libro de quejas) targeted by the agents of the repression of fraud of the town hall. In the event of a dispute, ask for this document and the problem will be resolved ... At the restaurant, always check your note carefully: additions can sometimes slip in, as well as calculation errors!

In the street, avoid the gypsies who pretend to read the lines to you while a sidekick nimbly picks your pockets!

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