Practical information and useful contacts Mexico City

Practical information and useful contacts Mexico City

Tourist info points and services

Strangely enough, in Mexico City there is no real tourist office open to the public. There are just a few gatehouses or tourist info points (open every day from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m.) posted at strategic locations:

  • Zócalo especially (where, oddly, there are two),
  • in front of the Anthropology Museum,
  • at the airport
  • and in the four bus stations in the city.

Basic information in Spanish (even in English), maps, etc. Otherwise, consult the city's official website ("French version" available).

- Info point at 22 p.m.
- Another counter at terminal 2. For all information (mostly in Spanish) on the airport and flights.

Formalities upon arrival at Mexico City airport

There is a good chance that Mexico City will be your gateway to Mexico. You will therefore need to complete the FMM form (Forma Migratoria Múltiple), which is given to you on the plane.

Keep it in a safe place, as this document will be requested from you when leaving Mexico.

In case of loss, you will have to go to the Instituto nacional de Migración and above all, pay compensation (around 320 Me $; payable in cash). You will also need to complete the customs form (provided on the plane).

  • More info on entry formalities in Mexico

Bank, exchange, ATMs

All banks have ATMs for Visa and MasterCard cards. Avoid taking money out of an unsupervised or isolated ATM, let alone at night.

- Change at Mexico City airport: banks and exchange offices (casas de cambio) in large numbers throughout the airport, but compare the rates! Also many ATMs (Visa and MasterCard).

- Otherwise, there are small exchange offices in tourist areas, whose rates may differ a little. In the historic center, we recommend the CI Banco. Otherwise, in Zona Rosa, the calle London (between Florencia and Genova) brings together several, some of which are open on Sundays.

  • See also money and budget in Mexico


From 21 p.m., approximately every hour. Purchase of tickets on the bus or at the end and on public holidays (ticket valid for 1 day); reduc. Commentaries in French (headphones).

Panoramic bus offering 4 on / hop-off routes, i.e. 1 hour, 100 $ Me), as well as a turibus that goes to Teotihuacán site (expensive but convenient ... and including lunch).

  • More info on


Mexico beci do not fall until the end of the day. These are short-lived downpours that come to refresh the atmosphere, cleanse the city ... and create monstrous traffic jams (because of the flooding of the road)!


Inexhaustible subject of capitalinos. Two indicators continuously measure it (indicated in the weather log). As soon as theIMECA index reaches 240 orPM10 index 180, the mayor declares the state of alert. In particular, the motorists and, of course, the factories, not to mention the some 100 taxis that constantly ply the streets and the ballet of planes that land in the city ...

But there is also, besides the position of the city in a basin, the altitude: at 2 m, the fuel burns imperfectly due to the lesser amount of oxygen in the air, producing more carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. And to top it off, the sun, very present, favors their transformation into smog.

In an attempt to remedy the problem, the authorities have set up a alternate vehicle traffic system on weekdays, but this prompted some inhabitants to buy a second car ... new for the better-off, old jaw harp, even more polluting, for the others ...

Better: the veroues, strollers and rollerblades then seize the pavement ... a real revolution!


You can consult the website of the French consulate which recommends health professionals in many specialties, generally French or speaking French.

- Hospital Español: av. Ejército Nacional 613, Colonia Granada. Metro: Polanco. Credit cards accepted.
Huge private hospital frequented by the French expatriate community. All kinds of specialists and emergency service (deposit required in this case). Efficient and expensive, but the care is reimbursed by invoice by your insurance.

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