Practical information and useful addresses Boston

Practical information and useful addresses Boston

Tourist information

- end) -17pm. Quite a few brochures, including the one on the Black Heritage Trail which starts at 20 p.m. (18 p.m. on Sundays).

- 242-5642. Wed 18 p.m. It is the information office of Boston State Parks, which organizes 2 guided tours per day (at 10 a.m. and 14 p.m.) by a ranger on the Freedom Trail and only 1 (at 13 p.m.) on the Black Heritage Trail ... Maps and leaflets in French.

- 44-77-88-06. Email: Contact té 18pm (17pm on Friday).
Closed to the public. Delivery of brochures to your home on request.

- US Tourist Office (c / o Visit USA Committee): té702-470 (3 & euroUnis and ESTA (travel authorization), as well as thematic files ...

United Formality

For the United States.

CityPass, GoBoston Card and other passes

There are plenty of museums and attractions in Chicago, but many are very expensive.

There is a CityPass (valid for 9 days 11 years $ 52), which allows you to visit 4 sites and museums in the city:

  • the Harvard Museum of Natural History (or cruise with Boston Harbor Cruises), 
  • the New England Aquarium, 
  • the Skywalk Observatory
  • and the Museum of Science.

Buy online or at the first site visited.

Also 7 days $ 189, 3-12 years $ 42-139), or the thinnest explore pass (valid 30 days for 3, 4 or 5 attractions 114 $, 3-12 years 53-75 $), or the pass build your own (valid for 30 days) allowing free choice of visits (price accordingly) ...

Travel insurance

See the United.

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