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Take a lantern tour of Port Arthur Historic Site, one of Australia's most haunted places! You'll hear spooky tales of this former penal colony, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including chilling contemporary tales of paranormal encounters, and enjoy access to Port Arthur's picturesque grounds and buildings after hours. 'opening.

When Port Arthur Historic Site closes its doors to the general public, it's time to enter the haunted world of one of Tasmania's most famous listed sites.

Its ruins and isolated location make Port Arthur a spooky place, ideal for ghost tours. The morbid stories you will hear date from 1870 to more recent times. Since this Port Arthur ghost tour began 25 years ago, over 2 paranormal experiences have been documented. With luck, you might find yourself face to face with one of the ghosts haunting this tragic site!

With only the light of lanterns to guide you, and the shadow of eerie ruins looming at every step, it's easy to sense the presence of souls long gone. Hear tales of disembodied voices and ghostly noises as you tour half of the historic site, admiring the buildings and grounds of this former XNUMXth-century penal colony.

At the end of the tour, you will be returned safely to the lights of the visitor center where you will receive a diploma of bravery and courage in remembrance of your harrowing visit to one of Australia's most haunted sites.

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