Picardy activities

Picardy activities


The relatively small drop in the region is suitable for hiking, cycling, mountain biking and even horseback riding. The variety of environments crossed offers a variety of possible walks, which the communities and associations of hikers have understood by developing many routes (recognizable by their yellow markings).

A few routes The GR du Littoral: the famous customs officers' path that winds along the French coast The GR 122: it connects the North to the Ardennes crossing the Thié from west to east The GR 11: tour of Paris, Îde-France. It runs along the south of the Oise from Cires-les-Mello to The GR 12 : crossing the Aisne and the Oise from east to west, it offers superb dele-Châ The GR 12 B: of The GR 142: it connects Laon to The GR 123: from the south of The GR 124: it crosses the countryside of the Oise and the Picardy plateau to sur-Oise, south of Amiens.
- The GR 125: de BlancfosséValery, passing through pretty villages.
- The GR 800: from the source to Valery-sur-Somme, 227 km to Riquier and Abbeville and 6 loops ...
- EuroVelo 3: 140 km in the Aisne between Thiérache, Haut Quentinois and Chaunois.

Archeology in the Somme


- sites (pre-Roman are a well-established science owes much to 1868), which is recognized as its creator. His work established prehistory and the idea that, for example, mammoths and men had lived together, or that climates had evolved during past centuries.

2 âC. It is the kingdom of bifaces, stones cut on 2 sides, pointed and with sharp angles, a sort of Swiss army knife of the time.

... and in the air

Another invention of the Somme, l & rsquo2011). It consists of Roman!

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