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For authentic shots ...

Travel differently! Passionate about photography and travel, this new concept offered by the Aguila Voyages agency is made for you. Discover exceptional sites, advice for taking the best photos, let yourself be tempted!


Each photo becomes a work

All photography enthusiasts dream of one day taking "the" perfect shot. Thanks to Aguila Voyages, this is now possible. The idea is simple, you choose the destination and a professional photographer accompanies you. Once there, he gives you his techniques of reporting and helps you in the realization of your images.

Each trip brings its share of unforeseen events because no image can be programmed in advance. The weather, the atmosphere, the light, people are constantly on the move… Unexpected events then become opportunities. Beginner or experienced amateur, the team adapts to everyone. The goal: that everyone can leave happy with their personal photos.

From sub-Saharan Africa to Mongolia

It is because it is important to know the environment that we photograph well that meeting the local populations is essential. Sharing their daily life, blending into the background, allows you to forget the camera, the photos then become natural, the portraits are successful.

For those passionate about Africa, the reporter photographer will introduce you to the great sub-Saharan fauna and introduce you to shots of dynamic scenes! If you choose Iceland, the nature-loving photographer will share his passion for ornithology with you. Finally, choose Central Asia and you will experience the joy of photographing the great steppes of Mongolia.

Going alone, with your family or with your photo club, anything is possible. A 13-year-old boy and an 83-year-old lady have experienced it. Building your own photo trip, your itinerary by imagining the trip of your dreams is now becoming an experience within everyone's reach.

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