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Memories to bring to life

What would life be without vacation? These moments of escape away from the daily hassle are necessary to recharge your batteries, but also to discover new horizons, new cultures and meet new people. To immortalize these moments and make them unforgettable, we all think of taking pictures.

But, once back from vacation, in the majority of cases, these photos end up in the bottom of a computer file, on a USB key or remain forever burned on the memory card of your camera.

Multimedia software, photo book, cloud… what solutions to keep vacation memories?

However, there are so many solutions to illustrate your vacation. It is possible to have recourse to data processing, for example using photo editing or video editing software. We can also have recourse to other more traditional methods which are however just as interesting, such as the Photo album.

If the video software makes it possible to set images in motion, in the form of slideshows for example, and thus relive a holiday in total immersion, the photo book will always remain close at hand, on a coffee table in the living room. These two methods of preserving your memories are in fact perfectly complementary.

Another solution that is used more and more to share their memories is use of the cloud. We are thinking in particular of the new Google service, Google Photo, this computer space where you can store thousands of photos and videos in profusion and share them with loved ones on the internet. The figures for the use of the cloud are constantly increasing, in the order of + 6 points between 2015 and 2016 for companies established in France.

If you had any doubts about the security of this web space, knowing that more and more companies are using the cloud to save online and share their data should reassure you. So you can easily use this modern technology to upload your vacation memories and your most intimate moments to the web.

Video editing software to make your vacation more fun

 This allows you to edit your own videos and photos, edit, create special effects, add titles, record music or a voice-over, choose a suitable format that It will always be possible to export afterwards… in short, enough to spice up vacation memories!

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