Our best pubs and bars in Dublin

Going to the pub, having a good drink, meeting Irish people, listening to music… So many little pleasures inseparable from any trip to Ireland. The pub is a Green Island institution. Dublin is full of cool places where you will live unforgettable experiences. There are all kinds of pubs for all kinds of people. Here is our selection to help you find the one that suits you ...

Pub culture

In Ireland, the pub is one of the institutions. It's simple: everyone (or almost) goes there, with friends or family. An authentic place of sociability. For the backpacker, the pub is above all a great place to observe Irish life and, above all, to meet people. Over pints of beer and whiskeys, languages ​​are loosened and friendships are formed. It is therefore impossible to make a trip to Ireland without going through the “pub” box.

The ritual of the pub differs from that of the café à la française. Here, we do not place an order with a waiter, but we go and collect our consumption ourselves at the counter and we pay immediately. It is a good idea to pay for your round, which facilitates conviviality and exchanges. Given the crowds, it is common to be standing in a pub, or even to drink in the street. Often a band or musicians perform and most pubs serve food (soups, sandwiches or daily specials).

- horaires d'ouverture are quite fluctuating - and little respected. Roughly speaking, pubs close around 23:30 p.m. - 0 a.m. on weekdays, around 0:30 a.m. - 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 23 p.m. on Sunday. During the last order (“last orders!”), Don't hesitate to order several pints of beers (it's even the custom) so as not to be taken aback.

As for beers, in addition to the famous brunette (stout) Guinness, the most famous Irish women are Murphy (stout), Smithwick's (redhead), Harp and Bass (blondes). There is all kinds of pubs in Dublin for all kinds of people.

In order to choose the one that suits you, trust your desires and your flair and do not hesitate to ask the Irish for good addresses. This is what we have done for you and so here is our small selection tested and approved in the field!


- Donoghue's: 15, Merrion Row. One of Dublin's most famous pubs, where Christy Moore and The Dubliners have performed. Great traditional music sessions every evening, in a thunderous atmosphere. We love the decor, with a weathered mirror and yellowed photos.

- The Temple Bar: 47-48, Temple Bar. Whiskeys galore, beer and live music at one of the must-see stops in the Temple Bar district. Several rooms in a row behind a bright red storefront, a true postcard of Dublin. Hyper popular and quite touristy.

- Brazen Head: 20 Bridge Street Lower. Dublin's oldest pub, a historic monument that has existed since 1198. A former post house, the Brazen Head hosts evening concerts of traditional music. Lots of people and quite a few tourists.

The classics

- Kehoe's: 9 South Anne Street. A stone's throw from Grafton St., right in the center, behind a small-windowed storefront, a very lively pub which has retained a very popular atmosphere. On weekends, the crowd spills out onto the sidewalk. No music, but very nice atmosphere.

- The Long Hall: 51, South George Street. Very nice pub from the end of the XNUMXth century with ceiling moldings, crystal chandeliers and (almost) cozy atmosphere. Over the hours (and pints), The Long Hall tends to come alive a lot. Clientele in their thirties and forties who are cool.

- The Stag's Head: 1, Dame Court. Leather armchairs, marble and mahogany countertops, stained glass windows, beautiful woodwork and a stag's head (Stag) on ​​the counter. A magnificent Victorian pub where you can eat (well). Regular clientele rather quiet, outside peak hours. To change the electric atmosphere of the neighborhood pubs.

- The Porterhouse: 16-18, Parliament St. A true temple of beer on three floors, but above all a brewery that offers house beers. There are beers from all over the world. Concerts every evening on a stage suspended between the floors. Crowded, obviously.

- Whelan's: 25 Wexford Street. On the one hand, a classic pub and, on the other, one of Dublin's musical institutions with (paid) concerts every night. Very good atmosphere.

- Dawson Lounge: 25 Dawson Street. A curiosity. Be careful not to miss it, if you pass by. It is, it seems, the smallest pub in Dublin. The room, which is located in the basement, can accommodate 20 people maximum. Intimate and cramped atmosphere that favors meetings. Claustrophobes refrain.

Modern ones

- The Church: corner of Mary St. and Jarvis St. On the north bank of the Liffey, a church transformed into a bar! It must be said that this is where Arthur Guinness got married in the XNUMXth century. Huge counter in the nave, restaurant in the galleries and nightclub in the crypt. You have to drink it to believe it!

- The Globe: 11 South Great George St. Not really a pub, but a bar with nice tables and a wooden counter. Paintings on the wall and a fairly New York atmosphere after all. Evening DJ sets and lots of young Dubliners.

- The George: 87-89 South Great George Street. Dublin's oldest gay friendly pub attracts a crowd of all ages. The Great Hall is very lively, especially on Sunday night bingo nights with hilarious drag queens.

- The Mezz: 23-24, Eustace Street. Live music every night in this often crowded bar where beer flows freely. We play all kinds of music there, from jazz to rock.

- Café en Seine: 39 Dawson Street. The most posh (show off) bar-restaurant-club in Dublin. Superb Art Deco decoration with glass roof and green plants. On weekends, Dublin's hipsters have a blast with dance and pop music. Quite expensive.


To prepare for your stay, see our Ireland sheet.

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